Windows 11’s new Alt + Tab user interface is similar to macOS Command + Tab


Windows 10 or Windows 11 window handling has always been better than macOS and Microsoft is now rolling out a new update that will change the appearance of Alt + Tab (default shortcut for quickly switching between apps and opening browser tabs ).

As you probably know, Windows 11’s new “Task Chooser” lets you quickly switch between open applications with the Alt + Tab keyboard shortcut. This feature has always been a part of the modern operating system, and macOS has a similar shortcut based on the same concept as Alt + Tab.

Right now, Alt + Tab apps cover full screen on Windows 10 and Windows 11. That will change in Sun Valley 2, which is said to be the first major operating system update. Starting with Windows 11 Build 22526, Microsoft started showing ALT + TAB as windowed instead of full screen.

Windows 11 Alt tab user interface

As you can see in the screenshot above, instead of full screen previews, a row of app tiles will now appear in the center of your screen and it is similar to the smaller macOS previews. If you hold down the Tab or Alt key, Windows will move between icons from left to right and vice versa.

In addition, the blur effect is now more noticeable and the overall experience is now better, as the Alt = Tab line now appears modern and matches the appearance of Windows 11.

This new Alt + Tab experience is available to a limited number of Windows 11 testers in the Windows Insider program. Most users might not see the new Alt + Tab UI which uses windowed mode for app previews instead of full screen.

Microsoft has confirmed that the new Alt + Tab user interface is still a work in progress. If all goes according to the internal schedule, this new design is expected to ship with Windows 11’s first feature update later this year.


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