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Sony pictures;
Box office $146.64 million;
$30.99 DVD, $38.99 Blu-ray, $45.99 UHD BD;
Rated ‘PG-13’ for violence/action and language.
With Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, Sophia Ali, Tati Gabrielle, Antonio Banderas.

Although not a perfect adaptation of the famous video game franchise of the same name, Unexplored delivers an entertaining adventure movie pastiche anchored by its likable leads.

The casting of Tom Holland to play the game’s protagonist, treasure hunter Nathan Drake, was almost certainly an attempt by Sony to repurpose the most bankable star on its roster as the anchor of a new franchise after his movies.” Spider-Man” hit. . However, since Holland is a bit young to play the seasoned Drake portrayed in the games, the film’s plot takes on the flavor of a prequel, telling the story of Nate’s first big adventure.

Taking this direction, the film draws mostly from the third and fourth games, which featured flashbacks to young Nate’s time as a wayward youngster in an orphanage with his brother, Sam.

Mark Wahlberg plays Sully, who in the games is Nate’s mentor and driver, but is introduced in the film as a reluctant rival and ally as the pair learn to trust each other to establish the relationship seen in the game. Wahlberg had actually been contracted to play Nate when attempts to make a Unexplored the movie started swirling a decade ago.

In the film, Sully recruits Nate to help him find Ferdinand Magellan’s lost treasure. Sully explains that he had been working with Sam, who disappeared, and that he needs Nate’s help to decipher the clues to the whereabouts of Magellan’s ships. Nate agrees, hoping to find his long-lost brother.

In their path is Santiago Moncada (Antonio Banderas), whose family originally funded Magellan’s expedition. He wants to find the gold collected by Magellan’s crews in order to restore his family’s name.

From there, the movie is simple enough to stick to the treasure-hunting tropes – of IndianaJones for national treasure for The Goonies – with the characters navigating through clever clues and deadly traps to discover the prize. Director Ruben Fleischer provides a commentary track on the Blu-ray in which he lays out many of his inspirations for the film, as well as his attempts to stay true to the spirit of the games while laying the groundwork for future films.

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Holland and Wahlberg mostly look like their typical movie characters than the game characters they’re supposed to play, but they work well together and their playful charisma brings a lighter touch to the proceedings. And, sometimes, the action evokes part of the feeling of playing the games.

Aside from some clunky CGI used to enhance certain action scenes, the film looks great, traveling the world from one exotic location to another.

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The Blu-ray includes several behind-the-scenes featurettes that add up to almost half an hour in total. The four-minute “Becoming Nathan Drake” examines Holland’s take on the character, while the four-minute “The Buddy System” examines Holland’s pairing the Wahlberg. The four-minute “Villains, Backstabbers, & Accomplices” examines many supporting characters from the films; while the four-and-a-half-minute “Charting the Course: On Set with Ruben Fleischer” delves into the director’s vision for the film. The six-minute “Never a Dull Moment: Stunts & Action” is pretty self-explanatory and is topped off with a five-minute breakdown of a big action scene set in a cargo plane.

Among the promotional materials are a three-minute music video for Milkblood’s “No Mind” and four minutes of web advertisements.

Rounding out the extras, over 10 minutes of deleted scenes provide fun additional information and character interactions.


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