UI Health Care websites have a new look and exciting new features


If you’ve visited uihc.org or uichildrens.org recently, you may notice a new look. We’ve updated our websites to provide a better user experience, and the redesign is more complex than it looks.

Not only will you see an improvement in the look and feel of the sites layout, but this new design also has behind-the-scenes features that help make the user experience more positive.

New and improved features

  • Improved orientation helps users better identify the locations of our hospitals and clinics. You will now be able to search by unit or clinic name, address or room number.
  • Navigate the site is more intuitive, and the search function searches on both the uihc.org and uichildrens.org domains, meaning you no longer have to jump between the two sites to find what you need.
  • Integrated translation options make the site more accessible to those whose first language is not English. Simply select “Translate” in the upper right corner and select the desired language.
  • Direct integration with our clinical trials website to allow principal investigators to feature their clinical trials on their clinical content pages.
  • Improved data and analytics to help us better understand the needs of our patients and site visitors.
  • Better integration of our shared services between the pediatric and adult health systems. This new approach allows you a seamless transition between sites and services.


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