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Core Web Vitals are three metrics that measure a user’s experience when loading a web page. These metrics focus on how quickly the content on the page loads, how quickly a browser loading the web page can respond to user input, and the stability of the content as it loads. These metrics are noted and aggregated alongside mobile usability, safe browsing, HTTPS, and intrusive interstitials in what Google calls “page experience signal”.

Essentially, Core Web Vitals play a major role in determining how well a webpage ranks in search engine result pages – and which website building tools fail to improve those vital elements. may become obsolete.

Tools measuring Core Web Vitals fall into two main categories: field tools and lab tools. Field tools provide real world data and this metric is commonly referred to as Real User Monitoring. On the other hand, lab tools provide data on how users can experience a website. These tools are basically debugging tools used by developers.

Laboratory test tools: Phare

Lighthouse is a feature available in Chrome DevTool and helps identify issues that affect website performance, accessibility, and user experience. With Lighthouse, speed and visual stability can be measured by cumulative layout shift (CLS) and greatest content paint (LCP).

Lighthouse can run in Chrome DevTools, from the command line, or as a Node module. The user only needs to provide an audit URL to Lighthouse. It performs a sequence of audits on the provided website and then generates a report based on the performance of the page. An intuitive color coding system helps communicate the meaning of the report score: green being good, while orange and red are the problem areas.

Essentially, the tool allows users to audit and rate websites in four areas: performance, accessibility, best practices, and SEO. Lighthouse measures various lab user experience metrics and will give specific recommendations for improvements.

Chrome Developer Tools

With a color scheme similar to Lighthouse, DevTools performance analysis clearly shows all the essentials of the web. Additional measurement details can be viewed by clicking on it, and TBT (total blocking time) is displayed in the lower left corner. It should be noted that these lab testing tools may not be 100% accurate because no real user is involved.

Opening DevTools simply requires a click of the right mouse button when Chrome is open. A tab will open, on which the user chooses the option “Inspect”. Alternatively, the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + Shift + i) can be used. The Chrome DevTools Performance panels allow users to analyze some of the Core Web Vitals metrics.

Field test tools: PageSpeed ​​Insights (PSI)

As a leading field test tool Preview page speed can generate reports for web and mobile usage, as well as provide suggestions for improving areas of concern. Running PageSpeed ​​Insights on a webpage is straightforward and only requires users to enter the URL of the webpage they want to analyze. Results are available in seconds.

PSI includes a score that summarizes the performance of the page. A score of 90 or more is recommended for a successful performance review. This tool is useful because it will indicate whether your website passes the Core Web Vitals assessment and whether a page meets the threshold of excellent user experience. To pass the Web Vitals assessment, a score of 75 and above is required for the 3 basic Web Vitals.

PageSpeed ​​Compare is another useful tool that uses PSI, but it allows users to compare performance metrics of pages against each other, including the competition.

Vitals Web Extension

Chrome Vitals Web Extension for desktop is another useful tool for measuring Core Web Vitals metrics in real time. This tool is useful for finding issues earlier in your development cycle. for desktop is another tool for measuring Core Web Vitals metrics in real time. This is useful for finding issues earlier in your development cycle and as a diagnostic tool to analyze the performance of Core Web Vitals while browsing the web. A download is required, but afterwards users should go to the page required to measure Core Web Vitals by clicking on the extension. This is a lab and field tool, but it’s worthless that the plugin only annotates the data on the largest content paint and cumulative layout offset.

In closing

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