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Here are the top stories from the Daily Record website from June 5-11. The website recorded 88,268 page views for the week.

  1. After years of service with City Market, Director Rodney Symons is retiring. 3.8k visitors. 6,158 page views.
  2. The first supermoon of this year will be visible on Tuesday evening. 2.4k visitors. 4,932 page views
  3. Crews are ready to begin building homes on Scholastica property in Cañon City. 2.5k visitors. 3,555 page views.
  4. A Cañon City man identified as one of two men who died after being buried in the Pueblo coal pile. 2.4k visitors. 3,476 page views.
  5. Fremont County Sheriff’s Department: Man arrested for assault, concealed possession of a weapon, aggravated intent to kill/mutilate/injure with a weapon. 2.0k visitors. 2,753 page views.
  6. Authorities are investigating the death of a boat in the Royal Gorge. 1.8k visitors. 2,648 page views.
  7. Authorities investigating a body found in the Arkansas River near Florence, died while boating in the Royal Gorge. 1.7k visitors. 2,514 page views.
  8. Off-road utility vehicle drivers can roam the streets of Cañon City starting August 1. 1.2,000 visitors. 2,000 page views.
  9. Cañon City Police Department: Woman arrested for threatening, disorderly conduct, public indecency. 1.4k visitors. 1,895 page views.
  10. Fremont County Sheriff’s Department: Man arrested for assault, harassment, domestic violence. 1.1k visitors. 1,542 page views.

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