Top 10 sites to watch in 2022


Free Music Samples: Top 10 Websites to Watch in 2022

The most important element when producing a song is using the right sounds. Achieving a professional result on a technical aspect and a musical aspect is really important to grow as an artist. Gathering homemade samples and samples from other artists will help you build your own sample library, but where do you get them? Here are some of the best websites for free music samples in 2022.

Best Websites for Free Music Samples in 2022

1. Looperman

Looperman is a website where anyone can upload or download samples for free. Create your own forum or join one and get thousands of voices, drums, plugins and more.

2. Live production music

Production Music Live contains an extensive music library featuring templates and samples as well as bundles and full lessons. There is a free samples section on the website where you will find 100% royalty free high quality sounds, presets, templates and MIDI files.

3. WA Production

WA Production’s “Free Download” section will cover a huge number of sample packs in genres ranging from Dubstep and Future House to Hardstyle and Country. Be sure to check it out as WA Production is releasing their 7GB Free Anniversary Collection Vol.6 bundle, featuring build kits, presets, samples, and loops.

4. NASA Audio Collection

Looking for the best NASA audio samples? The NASA Audio Collection contains real recordings from the Apollo missions, space shuttles and the space station. Over 3500 crazy samples are stored here, ready to drag and drop into your next production.

5. Freesound

This online forum will feature free samples uploaded by other musicians. Expect sounds ranging from textures and drums to vocals and effects. A small description is included for each sound, as well as information about the recording itself.

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6. SampleSwap

SampleSwap allows you to explore the best samples, tagged by name and BMP. This 9.4 GB sample library contains drums, song loops, effects and more in 44.1 kHz and 16-bit formats.

7. Cymatics

Cymatics is a well-known online sample library in the dance music scene. Access thousands of free samples and high-quality presets. Expect drum kits, MIDI files, vocals, textures and effects. Be sure to complete the form to receive your license agreement to use one of the free packs.

8. Sample sound

SampleSound offers artist sample packs, music production tutorials, mixing and mastering services, and free sample packs. Take a look at the Free Sample Pack section to download the best Tech House, Techno, Trap and Vocal samples.

9. Reddit-Drums

This Reddit community has over 200,000 members who upload free sample packs every day. Expect homemade or sampled percussion suitable for all genres. Not all sample packs are royalty free, so you may want to check the details of each sample pack before downloading.

ten. Reddit – FreeSounds

On this SubReddit page, you will find free plugins, soundbanks, effects and synths. Be inspired by the creations of others, ranging from MIDI files, full sample packs, one-shots, unique presets and plugins.

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11. Reddit – NewLoops

Get various NewLoops sample packs including free sounds. These sample packs range from HipHop construction kits and Trap 808s to EDM synth loops and Deep House kick drums.

12. Reddit – Samples For All

Looking for an old drum machine sample, a gritty hip-hop bass or an acoustic guitar loop? This subreddit called Samplesforall will regularly post free samples, tailored to each producer.

13. Reddit – Free Samples

Join the music production discussion, share your favorite snippet or download the best snippets created or collected by others. These samples will suit Hip-Hop, RnB and Trap.

14. sound packs

Sound packs offer free drum kits, preset libraries, synth loops, and MIDI melodies packs. There are 22 pages filled with unique, high-quality sample packs ready to be used in your next production.

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