Top 10 most visited websites in South Africa


News24, owned by Naspers, continues to dominate the most visited websites in South Africa despite dropping around one million unique browsers, according to Narratiive statistics for July 2022.

However, BusinessTech, The South African and MyBroadband saw a significant increase in readership compared to June 2022.

News24 has seen its readership grow from 11.6 million in June at 10.6 million in July, but it still comfortably holds the top spot.

BusinessTech and The South African both saw their readership grow by around 200,000, while MyBroadband grew by around 700,000, or 28%, in July. saw 1.9 million visitors, while Gumtree, South Africa’s most popular classifieds website, saw its unique browsers rise from 2.9 million to 2.8 million in July .

Overall, the readership of South Africa’s top 10 websites fell by around 500,000.

Google Chrome will remove third-party cookies in early 2023, making independent tracking of Internet readers across multiple websites obsolete.

As a result, Narratiive – the official traffic measurement partner of the IAB SA, which provides accurate traffic statistics for major websites in South Africa – has announced that it will be shutting down its traffic monitoring service on 31 August 2022.

Traffic to South African websites is expected to continue to grow as Fiber Optic Network Operators (FNOs) such as Vumatel, Frogfoot and Openserve attempt to make internet connectivity accessible to more South Africans.

These FNOs offer more affordable fiber packages in low-income areas through their Vuma Reach and Key, Frogfoot Air and Openserve Web Connect networks.

Low-income households with access to these networks can obtain uncapped high-speed fiber optic connectivity at a lower entry point without committing to long-term contracts.

The table below shows the top 10 online publications in South Africa and an overview of the top publications in the categories general, business, technology, automotive and classifieds.

The full list is available at SA Internet Card. A breakdown of the best site for each category is included below.

Major Websites in South Africa
Website Editor Readership
News24 10.6 million
BusinessTech Wide media 5.9 million
The South African The South African 4.9 million
Live Hours arena backgrounds 4.3 million
My Broadband Wide media 3.2 million
EWN Primemedia broadcasting 3.0 million
Citizen Caxton CTP 2.8 million
Gum Gum 2.8 million
Daily Maverick The Daily Maverick 2.6 million
Business Intern 2.5 million
General news
News24 10.6 million
BusinessTech Wide media 5.9 million
My Broadband Wide media 3.2 million
Gum Gum 2.8 million
Automotive 1.9 million

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