Top 10 Free Coding Websites for Kids to Learn Programming


by Aratrika Dutta

March 14, 2022

Explore the best free coding websites for your child to learn a coding language with ten fun options

Coding for kids is no longer a fun extracurricular activity for them, but rather a need to master their curriculum. Our connection to technology is getting stronger every day and we are getting closer to a digital future. Support and encourage children to learn coding at an early stage will help them develop the skill over time and help them further their careers. We have become addicted to technology to the point that today it is virtually impossible to live without it. All this sheds light on why learn to code is nothing less than a life skill these days. Therefore, starting to learn to code at a young age can never go wrong. There are a lot of free website coding for kids among which, here we have listed the best free coding sites for kids to learn programming.


The Hour of Code homepage, includes tutorials and interactive projects for K-5 and 6-12 students, starting with block coding before moving on to Javascript , HTML and CSS. It’s a comprehensive resource, perfect for learning in the classroom or at home. Students can learn the basics of computing by taking a series of four courses. Classes include puzzles, videos and activities that allow students to design games or stories to share online. It is one of the best free coding websites for kids to learn programming.


CodaKid is an online program focused solely on teaching kids coding through game development and modding (creating game modifications) for Minecraft. They aim to make coding lessons more interesting and memorable through hands-on, hands-on interaction with a hands-on app. Rather than the standard, generalized programming lessons (like writing “Hello World!” on a colored background), CodaKid students are instead given unusual and exciting projects to tackle.

CodeSpark Academy

codeSpark Academy is an award-winning app that teaches kids to code. The game-like interface makes coding fun for kids and they won’t even realize they’re learning. Kids learn to code with adorable characters called The Foos. Each world explores a fundamental coding concept where kids use logical thinking and problem-solving skills to help The Foos complete tasks. The app empowers young thinkers to become creators as children learn to create their own stories and games. Based on this, it can be considered one of the best free coding websites for kids.


Scratch is the world’s largest coding community for kids and a coding language with a simple visual interface that empowers young people to create digital stories, games and animations. It is designed, developed and powered by the Scratch Foundation, a non-profit organization. It promotes computational thinking and problem-solving skills; creative teaching and learning; self-expression and collaboration; and IT equity.

Create and learn

Create & Learn offers free introductory live video coding lessons for K-12 kids on Scratch, robotics, mobile apps, game development, and more. The program was designed by experts from Google, MIT and Stanford with children in mind. Children have the opportunity to earn a coding certificate for each milestone completed. A fun, collaborative way to learn from live experts in small groups and personalized learning paths from a top-notch curriculum.


From the hugely popular Bee-Bot floor robot, the new Bee-Bot app allows students to easily use an app version of the robot to easily learn the basics of programming at different levels and puzzles using the app. cartoon bee, suitable for very young students. It allows students to improve their directional language and programming skills through the different sequences of 90 degree turns forward, backward, left and right in each level.

bit degree

Bit Degree offers top-notch courses to prepare individuals for the future in progressive careers. This program is designed for college students and up. It has a wide variety of options from beginner to advanced. If your child wants to prepare for the real world, this site is one of the best free coding websites for kids with lots of relevant professional connections and teacher expertise.


Tynker fuels the creativity of over 60 million children and serves thousands of schools and educators worldwide. Its interactive, story-based learning lets kids learn the basics with simple, block-based coding challenges before seamlessly transitioning to real-life, text-based languages ​​like JavaScript and Python.

Coding with kids

Coding with Kids has trained over 50,000 children, including partnering with Amazon’s Future Engineer program to bring their world-class curriculum to children from underrepresented populations. It has been featured on NBC Today Show and is recognized as the nation’s leading training program, teaching kids to code. Now, Coding with Kids is on a mission to bring the highest quality coding education to kids, wherever they are on the planet.


Codemoji helps integrate its powerful and adaptive program into a school day. Codemoji speeds learning by eliminating pesky code syntax and typing obstacles, focusing on intuitive and relatable emojis. At the heart of Codemoji is a deep belief that learning to code shouldn’t be hampered by a lack of typing or syntax confusion, but focused on creating, building, and mastering the fundamentals of code.

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