The Black Arts Project on Promoting Black Creativity in Web 3


The Black Arts Project, a project organized by NFT that celebrates and supports black creativity, launches its first collection with none other than the incredible illustrator Aurélia Durand. Featuring 10,000 unique generative NFT works of art, the collection kicks off The Black Art Project’s mission to create an inclusive Web 3 creative community, producing works that support important black causes, “from the grassroots to the metaverse”, like explains the site of the Black Arts Project. Crucially, it is also taking steps to champion diversity in an already unbalanced space.

For those who have kept an eye on the world of NFTs, there has been much talk about the new space offering the potential for greater equity and access for emerging artists. However, at present, the system seems to mimic more of the same structures already present in the art world, particularly around representation. “While there are notable Black NFT collectors, from Snoop Dogg to Non-Fungible Tony, and some black artists in the NFT world, particularly from, say, Nigeria, in general, it’s a creative space that doesn’t still doesn’t feel too welcoming. to black people,” Anthony Gibbs, founder of The Black Arts Project, told It’s Nice That. “It’s even reflected in the fact that white-skinned NFTs sell for more than darker-skinned ones.”

Anthony explains that while there have been successful and more diverse NFT projects, like WomenRise, they have focused on the female experience rather than the black experience. “I realized there weren’t any high-profile Black-led NFT projects focusing exclusively on Black voices or Black art,” Anthony continues. “I guess that thought led to the idea of ​​a project that could actually make a difference in the lives of black people.”


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