The 6 Best Sites to Find Remote Tech Jobs


Remote work is growing in popularity. Not only does it give you the opportunity to escape the 9 to 5 routine, but remote work also allows you to work when and where you want.

These are the best sites that will help you find remote tech jobs.

remote work site ok

Remote OK is one of the largest remote job sites on the web, with nearly 50,000 remote jobs posted and new ones added daily. Most of the positions on this job board are tech-related, but there are a few non-technical positions as well.

Job listings include practical information such as salary, location, and whether the employer is trustworthy and verified.

The website also includes helpful statistics straight from its jobs database, with information on the highest-paying remote jobs over the past year.

remotivated site

Remotive is a remote work community whose ecosystem consists of a job site, a newsletter and an active online community.

The outstanding feature of Remotive is that every job posting posted on the job board is handpicked by the Remotive team. Remotive also practices what they preach – the Remotive team operates the website remotely.

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The remote jobs posted on the job board cover a variety of categories, from software development to teaching. There is also a category of remote internships for job seekers wishing to start their career.


Landing a job is not easy. Fortunately, Remotive has plenty of how-to guides and articles that dig deep into topics that help remote workers find jobs.

we work remotely community

We Work Remotely bills itself as the largest remote work community in the world. Job postings cover a variety of categories, from programming to sales.

Job seekers can filter jobs by full-time and contract employment contracts. Job postings simplify the search process by specifying whether the company is looking for workers in a specific region or anywhere in the world.

The website also has an active forum where remote workers can seek and contribute advice.

web3 jobs

Web3 Jobs is a job site specialized in the decentralized sphere – only Web3 companies publish job offers on this website.

Jobs can be filtered by required skills and position, with the salary range listed under each job posting.

Average salaries for different Web3 positions are listed on the website, along with free resources for job seekers who want to learn Web3, and a podcast and Discord channel for Web3 enthusiasts.

flexjobs job site

One of the first remote job websites, FlexJobs, has been around since 2007. Jobs cover over 50 categories, with listings vetted by the FlexJobs team before being posted to the site.

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FlexJobs offers job listings for remote jobs and flexible work arrangements. The FlexJob website also offers helpful resources, such as webinars and other events to help remote job seekers find jobs and job search articles with practical advice for remote workers.

Remote jobs Jobspresso

Jobspresso helps remote job seekers find jobs in various categories, including technical and non-technical positions. Every job posting is manually reviewed and curated, which means job seekers only see high-quality positions. The Jobspresso team also ensures that each job is from a legitimate company, to ensure that job seekers do not fall victim to online scams.

The job listings cover a variety of positions, including full-time and part-time positions, freelance and contract work, as well as internship opportunities.

Free yourself from the daily grind

While the decision to switch to remote work can be difficult, many of the websites listed in this article provide guides to help job seekers find remote jobs.

Additionally, the shift to remote work could open up a whole new career path.

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