Stranger Things season 4: Who is Vecna?


Victor Creel apparently moved his family to Hawkins, Indiana, not only because of a lucky inheritance, but also to give his troubled son a change of scenery. Victor tells Nancy and Robin that his son was “sensitive”, which could have simply been Victor’s way of explaining his son’s abnormal behavior, but One tells El that his father believed that hauntings and dead animals resulted from a “demon cursing them for their sins”. . But my mother somehow knew. Virginia Creel wanted to have her son committed and Henry realized he would have to take drastic measures.

It’s unclear where young boy Creel’s telekinetic and telepathic powers came from, but it’s likely that after slipping into a coma after killing his mother and sister, Dr. Brenner leaned into the news of the murders and made sure the hospital recorded the child’s “death” so they could study it and create others with similar powers. But while One may have directly led to Eleven’s powers, it was El herself who helped create Vecna.

After being tricked into thinking Henry Creel/One’s power suppression chip was a location tracker, Eleven witnessed Avenger Creel’s murderous rampage, killing everyone but her and Brenner. She then increased her powers to… well, eleven, and opened a dimensional rift to banish her psychopathic predecessor to the Upside Down. Was this then the first step towards Eleven making contact with the Demogorgon in the first season on stranger things?

Incidentally, the recurring imagery of spiders in stranger things season 4 is an intriguing side note. Symbolically, Vecna ​​traps his victims in a kind of manipulative mental web, and Nancy sees the gruesome display of those he has captured. However, the Dungeons & Dragons Vecna’s version also bears the epithet “Master of the Spider Throne”, and much of his power is in his spidery hand. In fact, the Hand of Vecna ​​was a magic item in the game even before the monster itself was fully grown.

Either way, it’s interesting that the Mind Flayer or whoever is in charge of the Upside Down chooses to make Vecna ​​one of its “generals,” as Dustin put it. Perhaps some evil force could sense that One’s psychic powers could be useful in opening small rifts over time. Robin was warned not to step on the vines as they would alert the hive mind, and the tentacles that attach themselves to Vecna ​​while he manipulates wounded souls certainly imply a connection between the former human and the natives of this infernal dimension.

But while the cervical implant explains One’s impotence between the murders of the 1950s and his banishment in 1979, what explains the dormancy of the 7 years that followed? Perhaps Vecna ​​was slow to heal from Eleven’s attack and take shape in her new form, feeding on fish while the original gate was still open while slowly creating her own little one. “water gate” from these tiny fish brains.


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