StoriesTab: ‘Web Stories Builder’ is the best solution to create interactive blog posts about AMP visual stories


In today’s digital world, people have started to develop an inclination towards web stories. Web stories have become the most popular content format over the past 2-3 years. According to a Google report, almost 100,000 new stories are added to the search index every day. The content format is very similar to Instagram-like short clips and has gained a huge following over the past few years. Millions of online users view and interact with web stories every day. If you are planning to create web stories to achieve your business and marketing goals, having the right web story builder up your sleeves is very necessary. One such web story builder is StoriesTab ‘Web Stories Builder’ developed by ASTNT Technologies.

ASTNT Technologies’ “StoriesTab: Web Stories Builder” aims to help entrepreneurs and individuals create interactive stories about brands, products, news and services. Since it offers the possibility to create and publish stories on the web yourself, you have complete control over the content distributed online and the advertising expenses. Web stories created by ‘Web Stories Builder’ load quickly and tend to get high audience engagement. In addition, they are searchable, linked and shareable on the Internet. Since web stories fall into the rich results category in Google search results, they tend to draw more attention to your content.

Some of the features that make ‘StoriesTab: Web Stories Builder’ stand out from the rest of the crowd are its ‘drag and drop editor’, ability to publish web stories anywhere, advanced publishing settings and checklist for format compatibility, its free web story templates, multiple web story backgrounds, access to free high-quality professional images, access to animation effects, call-to-action buttons in the web stories, etc. With these features, you can bring the interactive experience of stories right to your website or mobile app.

By creating web stories using ‘Web Stories Builder’, you can develop a solid digital marketing strategy. As they can be viewed by anyone, you can share them on any social media platform. The web stories you create tend to load quickly and engage, and as a result, Google uses them to increase traffic and customer engagement. Such engaging web stories can also increase your site’s monetization potential. If you are engaged in digital marketing or running a marketing agency, ‘Web Stories Builder’ gives you all the options to increase reach, awareness, brand recognition, success stories and great ads high converting customers. Web stories created using Web Stories Builder result in great ROI for individuals and businesses.

So what are you waiting for?? Check out the details of ‘Web Stories Builder’ now!

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