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Responding to modern buyers means setting up a store that can reach as many people as possible. It only means one thing: set up your website.

Without coding and technical design training, it’s easy to scare off website building games. Fortunately, easy-to-make website builders have been around for a while to provide the easiest solution to getting online.

Your online presence can mean a lot to your brand, as can your choice of platform when starting your website. However, ensuring that the platform of your choice meets your aesthetic and functional needs and that you are comfortable with it ensures optimal success.

This article reviews two of the top picks for website builders, Elementor and Squarespace.

Main similarities and differences

Both platforms let you build websites without coding or web design expertise, but Squarespace is better for newbies than Elementor. Drag and drop builders are available on both platforms for easy editing. Plus, both offer responsive mobile templates which is a huge plus for your website, especially when it’s very competitive.

Squarespace and Elementor both have a huge collection of themes and templates that not only allow for customization, but also make it easy. Elementor and Squarespace are both great options for setting up an ecommerce store, with ecommerce capabilities that allow you to have an online store where you can receive strip payments and more.

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It’s a WordPress plugin, so it’s easy to expect high prices in Elementor. Fortunately, Elementor has a free version, but the drag-and-drop editor only has around 30 templates and widgets. $ 49 per year A website or $ 99 per year If you have three locations, you can get the pro version of Elementor to access all of its features.

Only the cost of the cheapest monthly plan from Squarespace $ 12, But if you add it up, that annual price can add up and cost you $ 144..Cost of the higher level plan $ 18, In total $ 200.. These and higher-level plans include free custom domains, SSL security, SEO tools, templates, extensions and more.

If you want to add value to your investment in starting an online business, Elementor is by no means a bad choice. You can also earn this round at a low cost and provide the tools you need.

Since Elementor is a WordPress plugin, it surprisingly adopts this cycle as a much more affordable solution.

ease of use

It’s no secret that WordPress comes with a learning curve. All of this is not true because Elementor is a plugin that you can install and start building pages. You don’t need a lot of technical knowledge because you can use sections to build pages and use widgets. Most of the learning should be done when working with WordPress itself, not the Elementor plugin.

Unlike Elementor, Squarespace is almost independent, and you can start building from scratch. This website builder is intuitive and beginner-friendly, with a wizard walking you through the process. The menu allows you to see drag and drop options and preview the site while building and editing.

Despite WordPress’ learning curve, Elementor is surprisingly easy to use, even for beginners. Squarespace does not require learning from another platform, WordPress. Therefore, Elementor wins this round.

squarespace home page

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Design and function

Squarespace has a simple, easy-to-use interface that lets you create pages and edit them section by section with just a few clicks. Most of the features, including templates, are also on the menu. Easy to navigate.

Elementor’s dashboard is categorized and divided into components that provide options to add sections, columns, widgets, etc. This type of interface makes editing or creating pages more intuitive and much easier. The drag and drop feature makes this easy. When you click the button, Elementor will display a template library where you can start.

With over 300 designer-created templates and nearly 100 widgets, Elementor is a powerful platform to start building websites. Features like Motion Effects, Theme Builder, WooCommerce Builder, and Global Widgets provide a fully customizable website with full control over your design. Elementor makes building a professional website quickly and easily.

Squarespace also offers mobile templates that let you add social icons, links, and even Amazon blocks, making it easy to log into your Amazon store.

Choosing between two powerful platforms is quite difficult. Each has their own strengths in terms of functionality and should be tied in this round.

SEO offer

Elementor uses Yoast or Rank Math to improve your website’s SEO ranking. Adding these plugins to your website is as easy as adding a page. Just a few clicks. Yoast integrates seamlessly with Elementor making it easy to fully optimize your website.

Squarespace has built-in SEO tools that can stand out in local search and maximize brand awareness. SEO tools are easily accessible from a dedicated SEO panel, giving you full control over the details that contribute to your SEO ranking, such as titles, descriptions, and page formatting.

It is good to know that both platforms offer SEO management. Having said that, their way of providing SEO management is unique and makes this round another link.

Squarespace may have been created with ecommerce in mind, as there are several options that are ideal for ecommerce website design. That said, Squarespace Commerce is all about helping you take your online business to the next level. Squarespace Commerce offers templates that are easy to use and can provide beautiful showcases.

Elementor also allows you to get a fully functional eCommerce website with a stunning design to showcase your products and serve your customers. The best part? You don’t need coding expertise yet. Elementor is a drag and drop editor, so you can design your eCommerce website the same way.

Both Squarespace and Elementor have e-commerce as one of their main strengths. It’s still a draw for this round.

Customer service

The importance of immediate support in running or building a website cannot be overstated. With Elementor, you can get help from FAQs, hundreds of video tutorials and courses related to all of your concerns, or find documentation to help you when you get stuck. Like WordPress, most of the interactions you get are from their email support team.

Squarespace’s award-winning customer support team will assist you via live chat, in addition to answering support emails / tickets. Needless to say, this live chat support team is available 24/7 to get the support you need, when you need it.

Squarespace’s 24/7 live chat support makes this part easy.


Building the website of your dreams is closer to reality than you might think, thanks to the do-it-yourself website builder which makes this task 100 times easier than before.

Two of the best options for building an ecommerce website are Squarespace and Elementor. Therefore, if you limit your choices to these two things, you might get the best results regardless of your final choice.

When it comes to functionality, Elementor and Squarespace are strong competitors. These features both help develop the power that they provide to their users. The easy-to-understand SEO management tools are top notch and both have templates that match your website’s aesthetic needs.

Both platforms have their own services, but Squarespace dominates one of the most important cycles, customer support. If you cannot respond to your concerns on time, it could be detrimental to your site’s results.

Start getting that online presence and make the best choice: Elementor vs Squarespace

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