Stadia’s new online store UI appears to have taken inspiration from Steam


The change is rolling out to the web version of the cloud gaming service

Stadia has really struggled to get gamers excited. Although the service has solved many of its early issues, Google’s apparent lack of commitment to the platform has definitely dampened the mood, and the service is looking more and more like an afterthought. Still, we’re absolutely thrilled to see improvements when we get them, and right now we’re checking out some notable upgrades to the Stadia web experience.

As spotted by users on Twitter, the new Stadia Store UI features a striking game-related header graphic similar to the look and feel of Steam, which fades as you scroll down to the actual listing. You also have handy buttons to launch a game if it’s in your library, and if you don’t have it you may have the option to play a limited trial or demo depending on the game – as well as a button just below that if you want to buy it. The list will also give you easy access to game packs as they become available.

Not only does the new design look better, it also looks like a better fit for portable devices like the Steam Deckwhich are likely to become perfect candidates for cloud gaming.

This isn’t the only Stadia tweak we’re getting; a less obvious one comes from moving from unreadable and confusing URLs to unique and easier to link URLs. Instead of a messy string of inscrutable characters, each game gets its own simplified link ending with the name of the game. This is not a huge change, but if you send a friend a link to a game you think they should check out, switching to a more human-readable URL seems like the kind of quality-of-life improvement we can appreciate.

These changes are now rolling out to the web version of Stadia. Other parts of the service’s user interface remain mostly unchanged, but hopefully we’ll continue to see efforts to improve the rest and build interest in the cloud gaming platform.

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