Spotswood NJ student launches second book with signature on Helmetta’s Day


HELMETTA – Danielle Mathew has always had a sense of words.

Since she was young, she always liked to play with them and create short stories. Now a final year student at Spotswood High School, the 17-year-old has published two novels to her credit.

Her first book signing will take place in her hometown on the Saturday of Helmetta’s Day, where she will be found at 4 p.m. at the Pavilion on Maple Street.

“It’s very exciting,” Danielle said. “I can not wait to be there.”

Spotswood High School elder Danielle Mathew, 17, has two published novels to her credit and will hold her first book signing on her hometown's annual Helmetta Day on September 25.

Danielle writes about what she knows best: teenagers. She adds to the young adult genre by placing her characters in interesting and challenging situations. She teaches them to cope, to adapt and to live in the world around them.

Often found in difficult situations as well as in situations that affect teenagers on a daily basis, Danielle has said that she enjoys seeing what circumstances she can place her characters in and how she can resolve their issues and problems.

“I just kept writing, and it became obvious to my friends and family that writing was something I enjoyed doing,” said Danielle, who lives with her parents and two older brothers in the neighborhood. . “I think I like to create my own new characters that haven’t been created before and something that I did – I only did it. Creating characters with their own memories and their own remarkable paths and characteristics. I find this part really cool.

“You create something out of thin air, create a whole new plot with a bunch of different characters, and I really enjoy that aspect.”

Before Danielle wrote her first book, she was challenged in 2017 by NaNoWriMo, a non-profit organization that promotes an annual writing project that inspires writers to write 50,000 words during the month of November. Danielle rose to the challenge but felt she had more to write.

“That’s when I decided to publish my book,” said Danielle, who publishes under the DP Mathew name.

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This first book – “Separate ways“- released in December 2018 when she was in first grade. It tells the story of a tumultuous relationship between a sister and a brother before and after a car accident and coma. Her second -“When the time comes“- released a few months ago. This novel focuses on a teenage girl’s quest across the country to find her father, who abandoned his family 12 years ago, and build a relationship with him.

“I have always been curious about how human relationships form and evolve,” said Danielle. “Writing is a way for me to explore this curiosity. I write novels about teenagers trying to cope with difficult situations despite everything that is going on in their crazy life. These stories are my way of exploring situations. that define the character of a young adult. “

While Danielle can relate to personal teenage experiences in both books, none of the more extreme situations are realistic for her.

“The more extreme are often inspired by other ideas that I got through my own reading rather than my own experience,” she said. “I come up with ideas and then create something on my own. “

Spotswood High School elder Danielle Mathew, 17, has two published novels to her credit and will hold her first book signing on her hometown's annual Helmetta Day on September 25.

Community leader and student activist, Danielle got involved in winter and spring track and field at Spotswood High School and, for the first time, competes in cross country this fall. She is also an active member of DECA, which prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management, and Heroes and Cool Kids, where high school leaders are trained to mentor first and fifth graders.

Danielle knows she has more books in her, but takes a short break before starting her third. College applications are calling.

“I plan to write a third book once this is all done,” she said. “I don’t have a dream school – I plan to apply to some schools that interest me. My two older brothers – I saw them go through the process. And I saw what I like from where they applied and what i didn’t. Right now i want to major in sociology and minor in web development. ”

Both books are available through Kindle Direct Publishing at Amazon. To learn more about Danielle and her novels, visit


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