Someone designed a pasta-inspired bag, and it quickly catches the eye


The wrapping of the pasta he consumed during the lockdown gave artist and designer Nik Bentel the “ah-ha” moment behind one of his latest creations – a leather bag.

The article in question was the subject of much discussion, merriment and hilarity on the web. Many Internet users expressed their approval for this article.

Eating too much pasta can cause indigestion in some people. But Bentel took one of the lockdown’s food follies and turned it into inspiration.

Inspired by the aesthetic of the pasta brand Barilla’s “Penne” packaging, the artist designed a leather accessory that reproduces the dimensions, colors and lettering of the cardboard box. It also comes with a handle and a strap.

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Certainly, it is clear that the artist knows how to make the buzz.

Last month, Bentel revealed images of his creation on the networks with the caption: “During the most brutal months of the pandemic, just about everyone had a similar experience looking at the box of pasta, so why don’t try to reimagine the purpose of the box into something a little more exciting! “

Exciting indeed. The post went viral, gaining over 220,000 likes and over 25,000 retweets in less than 24 hours.

Since then, many pasta lovers have shared their admiration for this unique and kitsch accessory.

A new point of view

Bentel is an artist and designer who “creates products and performances that inspire viewers to reinvent their everyday objects,” according to his website.

A graduate of the prestigious Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design, he “was commissioned by brands to create exciting, bizarre and engaging experiences using alternate forms of product design, advertising and the art of fashion. performance”.

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And the Pasta Bag does indeed appear to be a successful example of such an approach, although the artist points out that “it is in no way affiliated with Barilla”.

The creation is a limited edition (100 pieces), is now available for US $ 199 (RM 843).

Art and furniture

This isn’t the creator’s first time in the headlines.

In 2018, Bentel presented a collection of very original and very personal furniture.

In fact, he rested on himself, naked, in different positions, sometimes imitating a chair, a coffee table or a bookcase. The Corpus collection was featured in a film series called “All Purpose Nik”. – AFP Relaxnews


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