Snapchat Unveils New AR Catalog-Powered Shopping Lenses


Snapchat has improved its AR shopping lens offering by adding new shopping lenses that display product details.

Snapchat is enhancing its AR tools offering for e-commerce with the introduction of a new catalog-powered shopping lenses feature that allows brands to use a single trial lens to present a variety of products to the time.

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Snapchat customers will be able to virtually try on a range of products as part of a single Lens promotion.

Additionally, as the lens scrolls through the virtual application of the range of products on offer, it will also provide information about the items displayed.

This information includes product details, such as price, with direct in-app reference.

To set up the effect and offer it to new and potential customers, brands can directly link their company’s product catalog, allowing brands to display products in each of their campaigns, as well as a different way to collect real-time product-to-brand aligned feedback data. time.

Snapchat will also provide businesses with real-time insights into which products users interact with the most, for example – data that can then be used to redirect ad targeting campaigns and help maximize performance and results.

The improvement allows brands to streamline the process of creating a more engaging shopping experience, and as a result, Snapchat is also adding new templates and tools to its Lens Web Builder. By updating the list of available models, brands will be better able to create more AR experiences.

As the company states in its announcement, this allows brands to “Generate a business goal in just two minutes, and beauty brands can do it with just a few clicks. At launch, this fast one-click accessibility in Lens Web Builder will be available to beauty brands and will be rolling out to other product verticals in the coming months.

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