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Job summary:

KPF is seeking a Senior Environmental Performance Analyst with a passion for sustainable design to join the Environmental Performance Team (KPFep) in New York City and bring their expertise to the design of high performance buildings. KPFep is a specialist team within KPF focused on environmental design, building performance simulation and tool development.

The ideal candidate for this role will work directly with the Director of KPFep, managing the implementation of sustainability strategies in ongoing projects and leading company-wide initiatives to advance KPF’s climate commitments. They will work closely with designers, providing design advice and performance modeling support. They will also participate in monitoring LEED, WELL or other certifications for projects, and directly manage sustainability efforts through all phases of the project. In particular, they will be responsible for extending current energy and carbon modeling capabilities, leading the development of early-design energy modeling workflows to be deployed enterprise-wide. This critical effort will support KPF’s goal of designing carbon neutral buildings by 2030. The position will provide opportunities to collaborate with other technology teams (eg, Urban Interface, Data Science) and contribute to a wide range research and educational activities.

Professional responsibilities:

Project design and coordination (60%)
• Lead the development of design concepts and measures for KPF projects, relating to sustainability, resilience and well-being, in collaboration with the KPF design teams
• Coordinate the implementation of said concepts, from initial design to construction, managing your work and resources as well as those of other KPFep members
• Work with KPF project teams to integrate performance simulation into the design
• Prepare, execute and interpret analyzes and simulations for: access to daylight, thermal performance and comfort, energy consumption, incorporated carbon and water demand
• Develop presentation materials to communicate building performance and sustainable design concepts to KPF design teams, consultants and clients
• Manage and support the certification (LEED, WELL, CGBL) of projects

Company-wide resources and training (20%)
• Develop training sessions and resources for KPF junior and senior design staff
• Lead the implementation of energy benchmarking, modeling and monitoring of enterprise-wide workflows, in the context of KPF’s AIA2030 commitments

Development and innovation (20%)
• Participate in the research and development of new environmental modeling and design workflows for KPFep, in particular with regard to LCA and energy modeling
• Represent KPFep at professional and academic conferences

Required diplomas:
• Professional degree in architecture or engineering
• Master with specialization in sustainable design, building sciences or engineering
• 3 to 5 years of applicable professional experience in environmental design
• Knowledge of the fundamentals of building technology and environmental modeling
• Proficiency and professional experience with Rhino / GH and associated environmental simulation tools, including at least DIVA and Ladybug tools (LB, HB, BF, etc.)
• Mastery and professional experience of complete building energy modeling
• Solid experience in project management and team resources
• Good communication skills to collaborate with designers, partners and clients
• Strong organizational skills to juggle multiple tasks and meet deadlines
• LEED and / or WELL accreditation (valid but not compulsory)
• Skills in C # and / or Python application development (appreciated but not required)
• Experience with LCA, HVAC or water system modeling (appreciated but not required)

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