Ofentse Boloko is a self-diagnosed fitness junkie


Fitness expert Ofentse Boloko is a model, personal trainer and bodybuilder by profession. He is also one of the few selected candidates to participate in Tropika Treasure Island Challenge Season 10 in October 2022. Boloko was in conversation with Gisele Wertheim Aymes and Pie Mulumba during Longevity’s weekly #WednesdayWellness Insta live session. He shares his fitness journey.

Fitness is her heart’s call

Boloko explained that he’s a self-diagnosed fitness junkie and can’t shake the thought of not being able to exercise. He is also extremely goal-oriented.

“I’m a pretty goal-oriented person and when it comes to my health and fitness goals, I don’t compromise unless it’s my day off.”

Fitness has been part of his life since he was young. He comes from a wealthy sporting background. It all started at a young age, becoming a 100m sprinter, boxer and professional rugby player. Boloko played rugby for the Sharks and EP Kings.

Currently focused on bodybuilding

More recently, his fitness focus has been bodybuilding. And when he’s not building muscle and strength for competitions, he’s modeling.

His focus and determination paid off. Boloko is a South African Muscle Model champion.

He cites his childhood of being raised by a single mother, “as all the motivation I need in this life!” It gave him the confidence and belief that he could achieve anything he wanted in terms of his own fitness career. In turn, his sport has been his saving grace.

“Sport not only kept me healthy, but also helped me cope with the challenges in my life, especially the death of my mother.”

His mother meant the world to him. His passing was the worst challenge he had faced in his life so far. She died just 3 weeks after winning the South African championship.

Boloko had to deal with his grief and stay focused on his goal, which wasn’t easy. However, with courage and tenacity, he succeeded. He admits that he is also extremely disciplined in everything he does.

“It’s amazing what the human body can do, especially when you apply training, fitness and nutrition. You can really get a lot out of it.

What does a typical day look like?

Boloko doesn’t believe in spending hours in the gym. “However,” he says, “I strive for maximum quality from a session and it’s usually 1-3 hours max.”

However, he trains 5 days a week and focuses on his diet. His training will vary depending on whether he is competing or not.

“I focus on a quality high intensity session, which is continuous pressure on my body that promotes rapid muscle growth and weight loss.”

The Importance of Sleep, Diet, Discipline and Fitness

Boloko explains that sleep is very important for your good health. He aims to get at least 7 hours.

Strength Training Divisions

A question almost every beginner asks: how many hours of training should you average per week to get taller and more defined? The answer is this: it really depends on your training splits.

His current bodybuilding outlook is more on the muscle modeling side and does a few TV commercials, billboards, and social media campaigns. As a bodybuilder, strength training through weights is important, but specialized nutrition, the incorporation of additional protein and supplements as needed is equally important.

What does he eat?

His diet consists of four meals a day (small portions). Meals high in protein and low in carbohydrates. Out of season he eats whatever his heart desires and he usually reduces a lot during preparation.

“Discipline is always key. Especially when you are invited to events where there is an abundance of delicious food and drink.

“So when I’m not competing and doing bodybuilding shows. I have to eat four meals a day. My first meal of the day would be a bowl of oats with blue berries. In terms of a snack Before my next meal I would have a banana My second meal of the day would be broccoli and chicken Obviously I have to weigh my food because I don’t do any bodybuilding shows Unlike bodybuilding shows I have to be specific and specific about how many grams of chicken I’m going to have and how many grams of broccoli I’m having. My fourth meal would be potatoes and chicken or ground meat. I like to mix it up.”

Fitness Ofentse BolokoHow to get in shape

If you are having difficulty starting a exercise plan or follow through, you are not alone. Many struggle to get out of the idle channel, despite their best intentions.

You already know that there are many good reasons to exercise, from improving energy, mood, sleep and health to reducing anxiety, stress and the Depression. And detailed exercise instructions and workout plans are just a click away. But if it was enough to know how and why to exercise, we would all be in good shape. Making exercise a habit demands more – you need the right mindset and a smart approach.

Boloko says “You need to set your realistic goals. If I am to start my fitness journey, what am I trying to establish, when. I always encourage my clients. Some have been members of a gym for years but have never set foot there. I try to give them a good time”.

Trust yourself!

Exercise can be a fun time to socialize with friends, and working out with others can help keep you motivated.

Boloko recommends, Join group lessons or go hiking with friends. I think this is a great primer on what to expect when training or exercising in general”.

Trust yourself. You will always know what is best for you, sometimes people will put you down because of their own insecurities and failures in life. They will try to distract you from your own vision, so be careful because not everyone will be happy for you.

Take the time to develop your physical condition

Even the busiest people (like Ofentse) can find free time in their day for important activities. It’s your decision to make exercise a priority.

Time management is very important; I mean I work from 5am and finish in the evening. I sometimes see clients back to back. But I still take the time to train.

The time you invest in exercise always comes back in the form of more productive hours.

Boloko says it’s important to always fill your mind with positive things because life can be a challenge.

“So read books, meet people and share your knowledge. That’s how I got to where I am today. I don’t question myself and if I want something, I work for it.

Best advice I’ve ever received: trust myself more because I’ll always know what’s best for me.

Generally speaking, the best routine is the one that fits your life.

Finally, Boloko is clear on its objectives and its direction. The Tropika Treasure Island The challenge is just one more step to his credit. He has bigger aspirations in the fitness industry. As he says,

“I don’t question myself and if I want something, I work for it.”

The video interview contains the full dialogue from this interview, and you can watch it below.


You can follow Ofentse on Instagram and get more information about its wellness program: @ofentse_boloko


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