Obscura 3 Camera app gains revised interface and new capture modes


Alternative iPhone camera app Obscura 3 has launched with several new camera features and an overhauled design that aims to make its various photography tools easier to access.

In the newly designed interface, the previous version’s control wheel has been replaced with a fully gesture-based control system with haptic feedback, which the developer claims improves one-thumb control and gives users the closest feeling to using a real DSLR on a smartphone.

As in previous versions, Obscura 3 allows users to take photos in a range of formats such as RAW, HEIC, JPEG, Live Photo and Portrait modes, among others, but the way the modes are controlled has changed.

The new app is based on Apple’s latest camera hardware, with Pro, Pro Photo, Depth, Live Photo and Video modes. The default Pro Photo mode only uses one camera at a time, allowing manual control of focus, white balance, shutter speed and ISO.

Pro mode uses the dual or triple camera system of the ‌iPhone‌, with quick zoom between lenses at the expense of more manual controls. All modes offer various shooting options via a gear icon which, when pressed, reveals horizontal scroll settings below the viewfinder.

Obscura camera features also provide flash control, grids, shutter time and spirit level, while an enhanced dedicated library browser includes pre-built albums like starred and starred, and it allows users to apply filters and easily edit, share, copy, favorite, hide, delete and delete their photos.

The app also includes three themes, multiple app icon choices, light and dark modes, and an Apple Watch companion app that can trigger your ‌iPhone‌’s shutter remotely.

Obscura 3 is available to download from the App Store for a one-time purchase price of $9.99.


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