Nothing Phone 1 teardown reveals the disappointing secrets of the Glyph interface


Adhesive aesthetics rule here

The Nothing Phone 1 has generally been something of a darling in the smartphone space this year. It has carved out a very strange, yet appealing niche for itself, and has left American fanatics craving. We called it an example of “high-end design meets everything else mid-range” in our review. But how did the design team achieve what they did? Zack Nelson, the YouTuber behind JerryRigEverything, decided to dive back in and do something a little different from his usual durability test.


Nelson has already taken a literal crack at the Nothing Phone 1 in a previous video and made some mundane observations (the glass is a 6 on the Mohs hardness scale) as well as extraordinary observations (what is it? is all that creaking?) and we’ve already learned from PBKreviews that it’s just a mess for repair shops.

Well, now we’re going between the layers, if you will, to find out what’s behind the design of the rear-facing LED strips that make up the Glyph interface. We strongly encourage you to watch the video (and Nelson’s emphatic take on a dinosaur movie that we won’t mention here) before continuing. yes we do one spoiler alert.

Ok, the short answer? Adhesive. All of the panels that make up the rear surface that meets the protective glass are secured to the chassis with strips of adhesive only – it’s not the most secure or durable method of securing things in place. Even the diffuser strips that line the Glyph LEDs are attached simply by very precise adhesive tape. Now, it will be one hell of a modded look if you go for this treatment. Or maybe you could trick it with a different filament color. Maybe some people with factory-grade machines can help us out here.

Obviously, we’re not the ones making the phone here, so don’t blame us if Nothing decides to void your warranty if you go that route. But at least you have another reason to dig into your shiny new phone if you’re the DIY type.


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