NFC: Which defeated NFC team has the most chance of knocking down the Buccaneers?



Someone else remembers a 50-yard kickoff return by Khalil Herbert of the Bears, followed almost immediately by a 41-yard run by David Montgomery and soon after by – oh, no – an intercepted pass from Andy Dalton in the end zone?

Yes, the season opener against the Rams. It was fun for a few minutes, anyway.

From there it was a blur of Matthew Stafford to Van Jefferson, Stafford to Cooper Kupp, the Rams pass rush harassing Dalton, the hope and belief that the Bears might escape, etc. The gap between the teams was comically large.

In this week’s “Polling Place”, your home for the Sun-Times sports polls on Twitter, we asked which of the four losing teams – the Cardinals, Cowboys, Packers or Rams – has the better chance. to topple defending champion Buccaneers in the NFC. Respondents fought for the Rams, who received more votes than the other three teams combined.

“They are the best all-round team in the NFC,” wrote @JeffreyCanalia.

We will see about this. On the way to the polls:

Poll # 1: Which of these one-losing teams has the better shot to dethrone the Buccaneers as NFC champions?

Results: If you look at the NFC title odds on various betting sites, you will find that these four teams are quite close to each other. Why, then, would so many people here vote for the Rams? Probably because the Bears’ opening was such a miserable night that it left a huge impression on the fans. Plus, let’s face it, most Bears fans would rather be sacked by Aaron Donald than vote for the Packers.

Poll # 2: According to betting sites, four quarterbacks are the top favorites to win the NFL MVP title. What would be your choice?

Results: “I’m going to go ahead and write in Dak Prescott,” @ zachdavis555 offered, not helping at all. Then again, the Cowboys Prescott could win the thing if he and his team keep rising. The same could be said of Stafford, Allen and Murray – and, of course, the inimitable Brady. Pretty cool that this vote is so close across the board. What a pleasure it will be to watch the rest of the way.

Poll # 3: Who wins Monday night in Pittsburgh?

Results: How good have the Steelers been in their last 19 home appearances in “Monday Night Football”? Good enough to have won each of these games. As if the Bears don’t have enough challenges already, right? By the way, the Sun-Times’ Patrick Finley is on record with a 15-14 prediction in favor of the Bears. We will have to organize a parade for him if he succeeds.



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