New ClearGov Solution Helps Local Governments Eliminate Spreadsheets and Streamline Staff Budgeting


MAYNARD, Mass .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The leading government budget cycle management software company ClearGov has launched its cloud-based staff budgeting solution, specifically designed to automate payroll management and streamline scenario planning. ClearGov Personnel Budgeting â„¢ helps CFOs more easily manage requisitions and vacancies, salaries and benefits, and scenarios for easier navigation in negotiations. Staff Budgeting is the newest product in the Budget Cycle Management Suite, which provides a comprehensive, fully integrated and modern budgeting platform for local governments.

“Most local governments create incredibly complex spreadsheet models for the purpose of projecting personnel costs. This process is extremely time consuming and comes up against potential formula errors that lead to incorrect projections, ”said Chris Bullock, CEO and co-founder of ClearGov. “Our new staff budgeting software brings this planning to a smooth web interface that makes it much easier to project staff costs, provides more accurate numbers, and even allows our customers to test multiple ‘what if’ scenarios. We are really raising the bar for people planning.

Staff budgeting allows local governments to recreate their financial models using variable online components, including bargaining units, salary scales, benefit types, and additional compensation elements. After uploading current employees and vacancies, the system instantly creates a budget proposal using these variables. Users can then further adjust the budget by incorporating retirees, deleted positions, future hires, and turnover rates.

The product also incorporates a robust position request and reclassification system. Managers usually submit personnel requests using a Word, Excel, or paper form. These requests then have to be consolidated manually on highly complex and error-prone multi-tab spreadsheets. Spreadsheets also make it difficult to visually compare salary and benefits budget scenarios and see how various staffing plans impact other parts of the budget.

Staff budgeting is particularly useful during union negotiations, as CFOs can enter negotiations with various plans and “what ifs” to use in real time during discussions.

ClearGov Personnel Budgeting is a cloud-based government budgeting platform that automates the process of collecting personnel requests from managers and centralizes data in a sleek, intuitive and powerful dashboard.

The features of ClearGov Personnel Budgeting include:

  • Dashboard – Get an overview of staff statistics. Colored graphics highlight the breakdown of cost type, followed by a summary of new positions, vacancies, and reclassifications.
  • Job requisition manager – Streamline new job and reclassification requests with customizable request forms and management system. Build budget scenarios and select different positions to see the impact they will have.
  • Planning of vacancies – Establish a long-term budget with the ability to create and fill vacancies on specified dates. Create different budget scenarios, choose whether or not to include these vacancies, adjust the numbers as needed and the costs will be applied to the budget.
  • Planning of union negotiations – Analyze the effects of salary and benefits adjustments for more informed negotiations. Create multi-year scenario plans and see how permanent unionized employees move from stage to stage. Easily make cost of living and merit adjustments at the person, job or unit level.
  • Multi-year staff plans – Plan the future workforce with multi-year workforce plans to foresee many years into the future. Filter the view to see each scenario at multiple levels to help you choose a plan.
  • Report generator – Create and export custom reports to share staff budget with internal and external stakeholders and existing systems. All reports can be exported to PDF or Excel formats for easy sharing.

“Being a spreadsheet jockey is not a fulfilling job. I am always looking for ways to automate what we do and make the contribution of the finance and accounting team more meaningful to our organization. ClearGov has given us countless hours that we can apply to much more impactful tasks, like long term forecasting, to better serve our community and show our commitment to transparency, ”said Marji Gehr, deputy administrator of the town of Platte City, MO. .

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