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This e-commerce website builder lets you have everything you need to run a business in one platform, from website creation and store management system to automated payments and home delivery.

Leading platform and solution provider Multisys Technologies Corporation recently unveiled the latest addition to its roster of digital platforms – Multistore – and it’s just what every entrepreneur needs!

We break down some of the gems you can find in this all-new e-commerce powerhouse.

Customize your online store with Multistore’s ready-to-use web and app templates

Whether you run a restaurant, retail, grocery store or services, Multistore will surely help you bring your online store vision to life! Customize your app or website with Multistore’s wide range of free templates.

Graphical user interface, website Description automatically generated
Graphical user interface, website Description automatically generated

Reach more customers using your OWN online store

Have you ever been tired of trying to get ahead in search results and compete directly with others in the market? Sometimes you end up spending more on ads and boosts just to get those much-needed clicks.

Believe it or not, it’s always better to have your own site. This way you control how much you spend on ads, as well as your content and design based on your OWN branding. In addition, your customers see you more and only you.

Manage your business in one platform, anytime and anywhere

Multistore helps you run your business in one platform anytime and anywhere with its store management and wide range of payment and delivery options needed to run a business. No need to integrate overlapping systems to facilitate these features separately. With Multistore, you can get rid of so much commercial clutter by managing your business in one place.

Better decision making using comprehensive reporting and backend analytics

Multistore is integrated with a superior store management system called Storebox, which has built-in features that allow you to track orders and deliveries, monitor your earnings and payouts, and analyze your turnovers for better decision making.

Earn more with zero transaction fees

Get the most out of your sales with Multistore’s zero transaction fees. Yes, you won’t need to pay a single penny for any sort of commission! Did you know? Typical fees for existing e-commerce platforms are between 2-30% for EACH TRANSACTION.

No more because Multistore would not reduce any of your sales. You will literally earn more. Your sales, all yours!

What else? You can easily set it up in just three easy steps! First, register by going to Second, settle down. Design and customize your online store using one of the selected templates that matches your business. Third and finally, upload your products or services.

Besides the 30-day free trial, Multisys currently offers a free menu builder, POS and advanced inventory system for merchants who have completed their store setup with products uploaded and orders fulfilled at most late August 30, 2022. Hurry up and start selling online today. !




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