Money Heist 5: Jose Manuel Seda as Sagasta is the ruthless new leader of the army. Will he wage a bloody war? To concern


The creators of Money Heist left fans excited when they recently unveiled three new characters from its upcoming season five. While actors Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Patrick Criado are expected to be with the gang, or at least that’s what emerges from their individual promos, José Manuel Seda as Sagasta will be their ruthless opponent determined to take them down.

If you thought Gandia was a ruthless aggressor, given the way he brutally killed Nairobi and created chaos inside the Bank of Spain last season, Sagasta’s cruelty will go even further. As Commander of the Special Forces of the Spanish Army, he is a seasoned professional. According to the manufacturers of Money theft 5, “He is a born leader, whom his men will follow to the end … When he puts on the uniform, he becomes an analytical mind, cold and ruthless, capable of going beyond any ethical or moral convention if the mission demands it. .

Sagasta will most likely be at the forefront of the government’s attempt to bring down the gang, ultimately starting a war inside the bank, which we saw glimpses of in the teaser and trailer for La Casa De Papel or Money Heist Season 5.

The Spanish crime drama team released a clip of Sagasta with Gandia and other armed soldiers against the professor’s gang. The new posters of Sagasta and Gandia were also released alongside.

José Manuel Seda shared several behind-the-scenes clicks on his Instagram account, leaving fans wondering the extent of his bloody war. The legend of José in one of the BTS posts left fans intrigued. He would say, “Let’s see if it turns out that Gandía and Sagasta have a past.

Waiting for, Miguel Ángel Silvestre as Tokyo’s ex-boyfriend René will appear in flashbacks with Úrsula Corberó. Patrick Criado, on the other hand, plays Rafael, the son of Berlin.

Money Heist 5 is called the most action-packed season of the Netflix show to date. And with the call of the military, it’s not just a robbery anymore.

The first part of its final season will air on the streaming platform on September 3.


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