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SINGAPORE, November 17, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Moledao, a social platform for blockchain enthusiasts, today announced its upcoming Web 3.0 hackathon. This pioneering global hackathon will be held in the Metaverse and will run from November 15, 2021 as of January 9, 2022. Web 3.0 is the vision of the next generation decentralized, verifiable and secure Internet.

Participants are invited to work on real solutions related to the main theme of the Web 3.0 hackathon with the three recommended tracks:

  1. Multi-chain decentralized applications (dApps) – create cross-chain interoperability solutions
  2. Metaverse – create a specially designed metaverse or build on existing metaverse
  3. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) – build and govern genuine DAO initiatives belonging to the community

Participants will have the opportunity to secure an institutional venture capital investment, industry mentorship and earn a total of $ 100,000 in scholarships and prices. Moledao, a global blockchain ecosystem builder, wants to bring together the best developers to bring innovative blockchain ideas to life and is hosting the Web 3.0 Hackathon to bolster that goal.

Web 3.0 Hackathon is supported by Bybit, BitDAO, Web3 Collective, and Blockchain Infrastructure Alliance, which includes established organizations like EthSign, Mask, Torus, Biconomy, Polygon, PingCAP, and Alchemy Pay. The hackathon aims to be a platform that allows developers to create innovative, user-friendly and real-life projects.

Co-founder and CEO of Bybit Ben Zhou explained, “Web 3.0 is an exciting space. We now have the opportunity to fight against the power of the few giants of Web 2.0 and return it to the larger Internet community. We are thrilled to support the Moledao Hackathon and help encourage and empower developers to build the future of Web 3.0 together. ”

EthSign (Web3 Collective Initiator, a consortium of Web 3.0 projects) co-founder Potter Li commented: “Blockchain innovations that make decentralized computing and storage possible at low cost are giving birth to Web3 applications. that deliver user experiences as smooth as Web2 applications. EthSign is based on this vision. We wish to partner with leading Web3 projects to advance the development and adoption of the decentralized Internet.

“Our goal is to address key infrastructure issues to help advance the entire blockchain industry. The vision of Alchemy Pay and BIA is very much aligned with the Moledao Hackathon. at the blockchaiNTIt offers utility and benefits easily accessible to the rest of the world and looks forward to more innovations in these areas, ”said John tan, founding partner of Blockchain Infrastructure Alliance (BIA).

New and exciting things are gradually shaping the future, bringing our reality closer to the Web 3.0 dream. Register now for the free exclusive Web 3.0 hackathon and workshops here.

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Moledao is a social platform for all blockchain enthusiasts to learn about the latest in blockchain, grow, and help create more innovative ideas with the help of experienced pioneers and innovators in the field. blockchain. It aims to bring blockchain to everyone and grow the ecosystem through education and global hackathons.

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