Is TikTok becoming a wedding shopping portal?


August 05, 2022

With the #weddingtok hashtag garnering over 2.9 billion views, TikTok is earning a reputation as a go-to destination for brides seeking real-life inspiration from real-life brides and fashion experts.

“TikTok is a great way to get exposed to tons of different types of dresses,” influential bridal stylist and consultant Kennedy Bingham (also known as Gown Eyed Girl) recently said. “Because it’s a video platform, it’s a great place to go to get a feel for how a dress moves and what it will look like in a less edited format.”

A recent David’s Bridal TikTok campaign launched in June generated a click-through rate of more than twice the benchmark average with a reach of over 16 million.

“We know our customers are on TikTok and they love it,” Kelly Cook, director of marketing and IT at David’s Bridal, said in a post. statement. “Our Dream Makers (our amazing employees) also have a passion for TikTok. It’s a natural place for us to grow if customers and employees enjoy the content.


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A recent article in advertising age said TikTok is “taking on the role once played by bridal magazines and radio station ‘Bridal Fair’ shows,” providing product information, tips and advice on dresses, rings and locations of marriage.

Kay Jewelers, wedding platform Zola, and a number of small businesses are using TikTok to drive engagement.

“There’s a lot of self-created wedding content that’s from an individual’s point of view,” said Victoria Vaynberg, Zola’s chief marketing officer. Ad age. “But we want to be seen as the expert.”

The 2.9 billion #weddingtok views were boosted by dozens of videos that went viral, including special moments from weddings as well as many approaches exploring avant-garde weddings or offering money-saving tips. ‘silver. A recent viral video featured a bride wearing a $24 dress from Goodwill.

Tik Tok, the the most downloaded application in the world, recently abandoned plans for live shopping in the US and Europe, but tapping into “communities” such as #weddingtok could be the route to commerce.

A recent study from TikTok revealed that 49% of users see it as a way to discover something new, 35% to learn something new and 29% as inspiration.

DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: Why does TikTok resonate with brides-to-be? What does its success with brides say about how TikTok could evolve as a product discovery and commerce platform?


“The main thing brands need to focus on here, as pointed out, is letting it be used as discovery and inspiration.”


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