Integral Ad Science offers a “unified view” of campaigns


Integral Ad Science offers a “unified view” of campaigns

April 11, 2022

Digital media measurement and verification firm Integral Ad Science has announced reporting enhancements that it says give advertisers “a unified view of their global campaigns.”

Customers can now use custom filters created automatically to analyze their data, which can be “sliced ​​and diced” by dimensions such as regions, industries and campaign types.

Founded in 2009 and based in New York, IAS aims to be the global benchmark for trust and transparency in digital media quality for brands, publishers and platforms. Its MRC-approved technology promises to ensure that ads are seen by real people, in safe and suitable environments. Last year, the company announced an IPO and spent $220 million to acquire advertising platform CTV Publica. In January, he launched the “first” measure of live media quality for CTV.

The latest update sees IAS enhancing its Report Builder solution to include its watch time insights, as well as a number of new open web video metrics, allowing advertisers to gauge their performance beyond just checking base. It also adds an attention metrics report, focusing on metrics commonly associated with attention, including average watch time, watch time distribution, pause/resume, and volume up/down/mute .

CEO Lisa Utzschneider (pictured) comments, “Our enhancements to the IAS Signal reporting platform will provide clients with the flexibility to assess campaign performance and drive optimal business results aligned with their most important KPIs. This is another example of our ongoing efforts to provide our clients with all the quality metrics they need to inform their strategies, while giving them the tools and flexibility to maximize global marketing results and ensure that every printing account”.

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