Inside TaskUs: “Ridiculously Good” Sites, Culture Makes The Office Worth Coming Back To


MANILA, Philippines — Businesses across industries are struggling to make return to the office (RTO) attractive. Workers have complicated feelings about returning to the “old normal,” especially when many have proven over the past few years that working from home is a viable option.

The same is true for BPO companies, which have been faced with this challenge by order of the government.

In bringing its workforce back to the office, outsourcing company TaskUs Inc. has a simple but helpful pitch to its employees: a “ridiculously good” back-to-office experience.

People first, always

TaskUs prides itself on being a “people first” company that puts the needs of its employees and customers first.

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From its beginnings in a small office in Cavite, TaskUs has continued to take a “people-centric” approach, something many companies have just learned from the pandemic.

For TaskUs, a “ridiculously good” RTO program means going back to a “human first” company that puts the needs and demands of its teammates and customers first.

TaskUs conducted discussions with team leaders, managers, and agents through “Ask Me Anything” Google forms to understand its employees. The company is also doubling down on wellness programs and site improvements to create a culture of care for employees who might find it harder to readapt to office work.

“Fifty percent are going to be fine going back to the office, and then there’s a good fraction of 10 to 15 percent who say, ‘Hey you know I can work there but I’m having issues’ and then you have the rest of the population that says ‘hey, working from home works for me,’” said Kris Mandap, vice president of TaskUs Phoenix, Ortigas.

TaskUs performed staggered RTOs and kept the work-from-home configuration available to select roles whose tasks do not need to be performed on-site. But for teammates returning to the office, TaskUs believes “it’s just about working with our employees on any challenges they might encounter on site.”

Conducive and well-designed spaces

Phoenix rising in the subway: “Phoenix”, TaskUs’ Ortigas location, will serve as the company’s new headquarters in the Philippines.

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TaskUs has built a reputation for having some of the best office spaces in the industry designed to inspire creativity, engagement, and well-being.

For its RTO efforts, the company provides beautiful office spaces, which it says can keep employees happy and resilient so they can be more agile, flexible and focused at work.

In time for the gradual return of many of its BPO employees to on-site and the celebration of Global Employee Health and Fitness Month, TaskUs recently unveiled its two new state-of-the-art offices in Ortigas and Batangas City.

Phoenix, its new headquarters in Ortigas, is designed with elements inspired by augmented reality, reflecting how TaskUs values ​​people and cutting-edge technology to create a ridiculously good customer support experience and innovation.

Meanwhile, the Batangas site called “Atlantis” is an ode to the province’s underwater paradise, beaches, coves and rich marine biodiversity.

“Our teammates are the foundation of our organization,” said Bryce Maddock, CEO and co-founder of TaskUs, who visited the Philippines for the first time since the pandemic. “Individually, our teammates are great, but united, together, in the office, we are unstoppable. That’s why we build the coolest desks in the industry. We want our employees to be excited about coming to work. Can’t wait to see our teammates back in our amazing offices! »

The legend of Atlantis reimagined: TaskUs’ site in Batangas, called “Atlantis”, is inspired by an underwater paradise.


During a media tour of the Phoenix and Atlantis sites, TaskUs showed off facilities ready to welcome and bring returning employees a good time in the office. Among these are thoughtfully designed common areas, sleeping pods, a play and media space, massage chairs and more.

The two new TaskUs locations include a fully equipped gym, an in-house clinic, a psychologist’s office, and dedicated spaces for doing exercises such as yoga, boxing, and dancing, among others.

Another unique aspect of the new locations is Free Workplace Child Care, an on-site facility that provides child care for the children of TaskUs employees and frees working parents from worrying about their children in the office.

A culture of well-being

Daycare facilities inside TaskUs locations.

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Over the past few years, TaskUs has had some of the best employee promotion net scores in the industry. In 2021, it achieved an eNPS of 70. The voluntary attrition rate for employees who were employed by TaskUs for more than 180 days was 15.3% for the year ended December 31, 2021.

Vina Paglicawan, Director of Wellbeing and Resilience at TaskUs, attributes this achievement to the corporate culture they have fostered at their sites: a culture that prioritizes workplace wellbeing and mental health. employees.

BPO takes employee wellness a step further by creating a program developed by a team of life coaches, wellness researchers, and clinicians. 24-hour psychological services offered not only to employees but also to their families.

“I believe we are the only organization that employs a full-time team of life coaches, psychologists and psychiatrists 24/7, anytime they can come in if they need anything. whatever,” Paglicawan said.

In addition to wellness-centric office amenities, TaskUs keeps employees well and happy with programs and benefits like LGBTQ HMO coverage, funds for passion projects, food and rewards allowances, and more. .


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