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Nine days, Nine cities, Ten topics to inspire you

CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., August 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — From August 26 to September 10, the IKEA Festival will take place in IKEA stores and online around the world. Held in nine cities, over nine days and focused on ten topics, the IKEA Festival celebrates the real creativity and inventiveness of people at home.

In IKEA’s latest Life at Home report, 26% of people globally said hobbies or personal projects were important in helping them maintain a sense of mental well-being at home, and 32% of people said they wanted to spend more time with their passions. During the two weeks of the IKEA Festival, people will be inspired by creators and innovators to take that proactive step from dream to action.

Nine iconic IKEA stores will each host a day full of creativity and inspiration around ten different topics; food, sports, games, music and dance, nature, fashion and beauty, collecting, arts and crafts, concentration and well-being, and pets. These topics will come to life through in-store events, live shopping, inspirational content creators from around the world on social media, and an exciting new web platform where you can watch the festival live from anywhere in the world. world.

Marcus EngmanCreative Director of Ingka Group (IKEA Retail), says: “It has been a joy to see the IKEA festival grow over the past few years. -time and their passions. We want to show how a little creativity when you personalize your space can have a huge impact. A BILLY bookcase is a BILLY bookcase in every IKEA store in the world. That’s when you bring it home. house that it transforms. This intersection is what we want to explore and celebrate during the IKEA festival.”

Ines SilvaLife at Home Leader at IKEA, said: “We have partnered with creators and innovators to provide opportunities and a space for people to come and turn their thoughts into actions. This is a festival of firsts for IKEA, with live shopping sessions taking place in our markets across the two weeks and our first global TikTok campaign.We have partnered with up-and-coming content creators from the nine host countries who will turn the inspiration of the festival into reality, showing the breadth of diversity in our products and how you can Try these simple and affordable solutions at home Join the fun and follow #IKEAFestival.

In addition to the nine host cities, the IKEA festival will take place in many other IKEA stores around the world. With activities such as speed meetings with furniture specialists, food trucks with the latest IKEA food offerings, in-store events and special offers for IKEA Family members, be sure to check your local IKEA website. to see what they have planned.

IKEA Festival Highlights

August 26, IKEA round rock in austin texas will kick off IKEA Festival with inspiration on how to transform your living space to co-create music, how to celebrate and make room for your musical instruments and memorabilia, big and small, and an open-floor nightclub showing how you can flex your living space into a dance floor for neighbors and friends. It’s over IKEA Vienna Westbahnhof in Vienna on August 27 where the iconic store celebrates one year since its opening and IKEA’s forty-five years at Austria. Learn how to make famous Viennese cookies – vegan style, join a recycling workshop and watch the live opening of a new shop curated in one of the store’s famous cubes.

IKEA Xuhui, Shanghai takes the lead on August 28 where they prepare for the twenty-five years of IKEA in China in 2023. Viewers will be treated to a tour of the homes of two home furnishings colleagues with a passion for crafts and home cooking. They will show how to organize tools and materials for crafts, as well as how to make wall decorations from scratch and finally how to make plum wine. It’s back in the US on September 2 and this time Ikea Brooklyn, New York where highlights include a fashion show in Köket showcasing the best of brooklyn design and advice around workspace and storage solutions for all things fashion and beauty. From changing clothes to how to get the best lighting for recording runway-style content, and how to easily transition the workspace for editing and publishing.

On September 3, IKEA Tempe, sydney will take over with a day full of inspiration. With advice from an avid traveler on life in a tiny space van, fresh insights from a vegan foodie on sustainable plant-based eating, and a live music set played on beautiful Sydney Harbor to round out the daytime. stockholm takes the reins on September 4 in the new IKEA City in convict where they invite you to a day of online and in-store play. Highlights include live interviews with players from the Swedish national games team who will be playing games in the IKEA City store, as well as a visit to a celebrity chef who writes cookbooks from home, in using his own kitchen, as well as a visit to the home of a former athlete who will show off his hobby room and sneaker collection.

On September 8, you are invited to one of the fashion and lifestyle hotspots on the street. IKEA City in Harajuku, Tokyo is located in an area famous for street style, anime, teen-pop culture, and “Kawaii” (the culture of kindness). Participate in three live steam sessions to explore fashion tips from an upcoming fashion icon, share your passion for collecting, and get inspired by delicious yet simple recipes. The game will be at the center of the day in IKEA San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid on September 9 when they host. Highlights include a bedroom makeover for a young gamer who wants to turn her bedroom into a gaming sanctuary, and a panel discussion with a psychologist and Gen Z influencers on topics that are important to them when it comes to mental health and related to games, sports and music.

The closing of the festival on September 10 is IKEA Decoration, Paris Rivoli. In Paris, viewers will meet an array of creative and inspiring people. A tufting expert who shares how her living space inspires her every day to create her most beautiful creations. A florist at Paris with an ambitious project to build a Tiny House in the Vosges. And Milo, a cat like no other, shares his morning routine with his human.

Learn more about www.IKEA.com/festival.

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