How to use the Squad Builder feature in FIFA Ultimate Team


FIFA 23 is well and truly launched. The latest installment in the iconic series delivers the most realistic and authentic football experience in franchise history.

With a host of new features introduced, FIFA 23 will appeal to many players who are new to the series and unfamiliar with the nuances of the different game modes. It is therefore important for EA Sports to include various systems that help beginners get started. get an idea of ​​the game.

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One such feature is EA’s Squad Builder in FIFA Ultimate Team. Ultimate Team is by far FIFA’s most popular game mode, attracting a large audience and generating a large chunk of the developer’s annual revenue through microtransactions.

Naturally, EA is doing its best to make this the most accommodating environment for newcomers and veterans alike to expand their player base even further.

The Squad Builder is an efficient and practical tool in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

EA Sports has completely overhauled the chemistry system in FIFA 23. The iconic positional chemistry lines have been removed and players can now connect to each other across the pitch.

However, this change has caused a lot of confusion in the community, and many are still struggling to accept the new system. In such a scenario, the Squad Builder tool is more viable than ever.

What is the Squad Builder feature in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

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The Squad Builder is a tool that has been in Ultimate Team for many years. It is primarily used to quickly and effectively complete Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). It can also be used to create teams for gaming purposes.

This feature can be accessed on the actual game as well as the web app and companion app.

How to effectively use the Squad Builder feature in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team?

The Squad Builder can be accessed through the Squad Creation screen in the main menu or when creating a new squad. It is also available through a prompt when launching any SBC.

The Squad Builder window offers several detailed and comprehensive options and filters that players can specify and manipulate in order to create the desired squad. Here are the different filters available in this window:

  • Quality: This filter allows users to choose if they want the team to consist of bronze, silver or gold cards.
  • Country/Region: This allows the user to select the desired nation of players to be included in the squad.
  • League: This filter is used to determine the desired league of included footballers.
  • Club: If the league has been specified, this filter can be used to select players from a specific club.
  • Training: This determines the formation in which the team will be made.
  • Substitute players: If the team already contains players, selecting “Yes” will replace them with players matching the criteria specified in the filters. If you select “No”, vacant slots will be filled instead.
  • Designers: Selecting “Yes” here will create a squad filled with “Concept” cards, which may not be available in the user’s club. If you select “No”, the system will only use footballers that already belong to the user.

Besides these filters, the Squad Builder tool also gives players access to several ways to sort the cards in their club based on their quick sell value and rating.

All of these features combine to make the FUT Squad Builder a rather efficient and useful tool in FIFA 23.

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