How Dazzly Website Builder is taking New Zealand small businesses to new heights in 2022


A small, highly motivated team in Auckland works day and night. For the past year, their software service has been transforming a difficult and time-consuming task that is of increasing importance to New Zealand business owners.

Lewis Anderson and Marcus Feeney are the co-founders of Dazzly. Having already established a successful website, app and custom software development company in New Zealand, they were in an ideal position to understand the frustrations faced by business owners when creating and implementing up-to-date websites, as well as the tremendous benefits achieved by doing a good job of this.

Nick Vann, small business owner of NV Electrical Limited, talks about his experience building a website for his Auckland electrical services business using Dazzly.

Much effort has gone into combining the latest international website development languages, technologies and search engine know-how into a simple, beautiful and manageable system that is simple and suitable for New Zealand small business owners to everyday.

Doing things the Dazzly way:

  1. Local Innovation – New Zealand brand that is truly innovating in the web builder arena.
  2. It couldn’t be easier – with step-by-step building videos, even old people are nimble now.
  3. Timely – get your website online when you need it – today or in minutes.
  4. You’re in control – no middlemen, endless emails or competing schedules.
  5. Top Support – 24/7 – 0800 122 090 – 100% owned, operated and employed by Kiwi.
  6. Top Tech – with an existing thriving business in this field, we deliver cutting-edge technology to your small business in an entirely new way – the Kiwi way.

Just go to Dazzly’s website, choose a website layout you like, and you can have an amazing website appear before your eyes in minutes just by entering basic information about your business, services and /or your products. Then click the green “Preview” button to see your design. You can revise it at your leisure and our local support team is here to help you if you get stuck.

“With so many web providers available in the market, it was a pretty daunting task trying to find one that was within my price range but had this above-standard quality. It’s only when one friend of mine who recently started his business recommended Dazzly and his web service to me, I thought when I saw his webpage that it looked good, so I called the company to inquire. Dazzly’s team were helpful in getting me started I thought it would take a while to get up and running but they were patient with my ideas and constantly asked for advice and earned my loyalty to continue with them as a web service provider. We created our own webpage using Dazzly, it was easy and didn’t take long. We also use Dazzly as an email hosting provider.

Jimmy Taylor, Director, High Maintenance Abseil Limited, Manawatu-Wanganui and now a proud customer of Dazzly. Also check out Jimmy’s website –

“Since that first day, I have discovered that having a webpage is a very valuable asset to the business. I would recommend Dazzly as a go-to company for setting up a webpage.

New Zealand small business owners have been thrilled with the results Dazzly has delivered to their businesses in 2020 and 2021. They look forward to continuing to manage their online destinies using a proven website builder, tailor-made for small businesses. New Zealand companies. 2022 will be a very exciting year with several updates every week from the Dazzly platform. Keep an eye on this space – more announcements coming soon.

0800 122 090 –

If you haven’t heard of Dazzly or tried it yet, there’s no reason not to – we have free trials and our prices are amazing! No credit card required – just board and try. Questions? Call our friendly local team now and experience the difference of first class customer support based in New Zealand.

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