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In the years since the original Gossip Girl ended, viewers had to suppress their need for ambitious television in one way or another. Has come Succession, an HBO satirical comedy-drama about the dysfunctional and obscenely wealthy Roy family, the owners of a media and hotel empire. While the show’s sets and clothing are worthy of the faint, the interpersonal dynamic is akin to “more money, more problems.” This dichotomy resembles the original Gossip Girl, and also, intentionally, the show’s new reboot is heading to HBO Max this month.

Series showrunner Josh Safran, who was also the original’s showrunner Gossip Girl, recently shared that Succession inspired the new iteration of the series.

“My thing has always been like, ‘Succession is where the world is right now, ”said Safran New York magazine. “So what is the Succession version of Gossip Girl? “

Safran also noted that Succession, as well as the change of era and culture, influenced the way in which the Gossip Girl reboot will portray teenage attitudes towards money.

the new York article notes, “[Safran] do another Succession comparison: On the old one Gossip Girl, not having money was considered a moral flaw; new Gossip Girl look at wealth with sharp jokes. “

the Gossip Girl reboot cast, spotted filming the show last November.

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New Gossip Girls attitude towards wealth has also been the subject of much hubbub lately. In an interview with Variety, Safran explains how the implications of money and privileges in 2021 impacted the tone of the reboot.

“These kids are struggling with their privilege in a way that I think the original didn’t,” Safran said. “The light at [Black Lives Matter], in light of many things, even coming back to Occupy Wall Street, things have changed. “

The article continued, the author noting: “Unlike Chuck Bass, the Gossip Girl the 2021 crew is aware of income inequality. They take Ubers, not limousines. They are (for the most part) not rude to service employees. ”

In a tweet since deleted, the Pop Crave Twitter account posted a link to the Variety article with the passage above. They then wrote: “The #GossipGirl reboot will avoid glorifying the wealth and lifestyle of its characters, according to showrunner Josh Safran.”

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The comments sparked a backlash on Twitter, with fans noting that this attitude could also be insupportable. Many said that part of the fun of watching the show was seeing the teens being rich, snobby, and mean.

however, Gossip Girl writer Eric Eidelstein disagreed with this summary of the new show, Tweeter, “lol if you think for a second that’s what the show is.” The writer also noted that the portion of the Pop Crave tweet was not said by Safran – “lol that’s not a quote from the creator either, it’s from the variety writer,” he said. -he declares. tweeted.

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