Google Sites will allow you to design your own custom themes


Custom themes have been added to Google Sites, making it easier for Google’s drag-and-drop website builder to build your own top-notch website.

Google Sites not only lets you create your own custom themes, but also offers a web hosting service for those who want to quickly build a website for free using major search tools. Also note that the service uses your Google Drive account to store images and files on your site, so even users with a personal Google account can store up to 15GB of files.

In a new post on the Google Workspace blog, Google explained that website builder users will be able to create highly personalized themes based on their organization’s branding guidelines or their own personal style.

The company recently added another feature to its Google site. This allows you to restore a specific web page from version history instead of restoring the entire page, so if a page is accidentally edited or accidentally deleted, you can easily pick up where you left off. .. to place.

Custom Google Site Theme

Prior to this new Google Sites update, Website Builder had six pre-built themes with limited customization options. While these pre-built themes help you quickly create a consistent look for your site, they may not match your branding guidelines or certain styles.

However, adding custom themes gives Google Sites users more control over the styling of components such as fonts, text styles, colors, branding images, navigation settings, and buttons.

Custom themes have been deployed in the Quick Release domain and will be deployed in the Scheduled Release domain starting October 6.

If you want to build your own online presence but are hesitant to sign up for a web hosting or website builder, Google Sites is a great place to start to get started with building your website.


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