Full-Service Digital Agency Mostly Serious Launches New Website and Updated Branding



The full-service digital agency recently launched the seventh edition of its website, which features custom web design and animations as well as a branded look and refreshed color palette.

Mostly Serious, a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in custom website design, digital marketing, SEO and content, has launched the latest version of its website, which is the agency’s seventh in 11 years of activity.

Mostly serious, full service digital marketing agency specializing in custom website design, digital marketing, SEO and content, launched the latest version of its website, which is the agency’s seventh in 11 years in business.

Bold, hyper-intentional and streamlined design

the custom website design of Mostly Serious’s new website highlights significant visual and navigation deviations from the agency’s previous iteration. The color scheme is bolder and brighter, and all pages feature bespoke illustrated abstract images and animations. Following the latest design trends, the navigation has been refined to direct visitors to the agency’s work, departments and team. The website has moved away from traditional content sections in favor of pages that flow seamlessly from one section to another.

“Evolution is one of our guiding principles and it became the main inspiration for our new website, which gave us the opportunity to re-evaluate our existing brand elements by improving our color palette. and adding new personalized illustrations, ”said artistic director Jessica Gottstein.

She continued, “We also made an effort to re-evaluate our content and decided to be more design-oriented overall; our new website has less but more intentional copy and large expanses of visual content which gives us the opportunity to make our work shine.

The new website also highlights careers at Mostly Serious. The new Careers page on the website outlines the agency’s benefits and services, along with a diversity and inclusion statement.

“We have grown so much since we launched our last site. We have added wonderful team members, refined our focus and vision, and established new relationships, and each of these has helped us grow as an organization; this new site reflects both who we are and the kind of work we want to do, ”said Spencer Harris, president of Mostly Serious.

He continued, “Given the operational milestones we have encountered over the past year, including our 10-year anniversary and our designation as one of the 250 Fastest Growing Companies in the Midwest by Inc. Magazine, this new site was such a great opportunity to put a visual stamp on the state of Mostly Serious.

New website follows Webby’s appointment of recent project

Mostly Serious new website launch follows agency debut Webby Appointment for Project change, a recruiting initiative that aims to fill a massive gap in the industry and attract generations of new talent in automotive technology. Project Shift’s website design features an abstract and ultra-stylized look and feel, smooth movement and interactions, and an unconventional layout that provides an ideal browsing experience for the site’s target audiences. Mostly Serious’s work has been nominated alongside brands with global reach like Spotify.

About mostly serious

Founded in 2010, full service based in Springfield, Missouri CMS artisanal agency Mostly Serious offers the latest in custom website design and development, digital marketing and advertising, and more. Mostly Serious has designed award-winning websites and digital advertising campaigns for Burrell Behavioral Health, CoxHealth, Safe and Sober and other well-known entities in the South West Mo region. For more information on Mostly Serious, visit http://www.mostlyserious.io or by e-mail to info@mostlyserious.io. Learn more about Project Shift’s recruiting initiative at goprojectshift.com.

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