For the birds: the Birdsong project releases today Volume IV of its extensive collection of 242 recordings inspired by bird song and supporting the conservation of birds and their habitats. Now available to stream on all platforms, Volume IV offers 48 recordings—songs, instrumentals and experimental works—across the stylistic spectrum as well as compelling literary interludes. Musical artists on the volume include Sam Amidon, Andrew Bird, Mark Mothersbaugh, Arturo O’Farrill, Midori Hirano, Julian Lage & Bill Frisell, Robert Ames, Juliette Commagere, Haley Fohr feat. Rob Frye, Julia Holter, Angélica Negrón, Doug Wieselman, Steve Gunn and many more. Spoken word recordings interspersed with musical contributions feature performances by Suzan-Lori Parks, Toni Collette, John Lithgow, George Saunders, Jarvis Cocker, Sam Mendes, Olivia Wilde, Cazzie David and others, reading works by authors such as as EE Cummings, Philip Larkin, and Jane Hirshfield.

Watch the music video for singer-songwriter Andrew Bird’s Volume IV title track “Rare Birds” here:

And watch/share the video for “Your Birthday at The Huntington” by experimental harpist and composer Mary Lattimore, created by Birdsong Executive Producer Rebecca Reagan, here:

Additional tracks with visualizers include: Carlos Niño & Nate Mercereau feat. Kamasi Washington – “Wild birds in an imaginary canoga park with lakes and trees instead of streets and buildings” –

Written by Ada Limon. Read by Olivia Wilde – “Lies About Sea Creatures” –

“It was an honor and a pleasure to participate in this beautiful project. It is truly a singular collection of music and poetry that has never been collected on this scale. Reading Ada Limon’s poetry into a microphone at Electric Lady Studios was a dream. It’s a pleasure to be part of the creative collective Birdsong” – Olivia Wilde

“Randall asked me to contribute to his endangered bird project last year and I decided to use the recording of the last Kaua’i ‘Ō’ō Song (before he goes out) as the basis of the melody. I know it sounds obvious, but since I started whistling at the age of 5, I have often tried to imitate the calls of birds and see if i could get them to answer me at best they probably just stuck with me all these years anyway i think what randall has put together is amazing and obviously a labor of love It turns out to be the rightful heir to the curatorial brilliance of the Hal Willner School of Music” – Andrew Bird

“Music and poetry often help express our relationship with nature and in this way we learn more about ourselves. And we are already seeing how these brilliant volumes of The Birdsong Project inspire people to better understand the conservation movement. The birds tell us that we must act decisively to protect the places they – and all of us – need. In doing so, we protect our natural resources and our way of life. The songs and poems in these volumes carry their message. Everyone has a part to play and sometimes it starts simply by relying on an appreciation for the birds singing to us in our own neighborhoods. We are incredibly grateful for this partnership with Randall, all the artists involved, and I can’t imagine another project like this existing on this scale,” said Sean O’Connor, Audubon’s Director of Development. – Sean O’Connor, Director of Development, National Audubon Society

“From the fiery dance of a Greater Prairie-Chicken to the intense gaze of a Snowy Owl, there’s nothing more captivating than watching birds be birds, especially when set to the soundtrack of the Andrew Bird’s melodious whistle, itself a nod to the song of the last Kaua’i ‘Ō’ō,” said Jenny Bogo, vice president of content for the National Audubon Society. “This music video features footage of Audubon sanctuaries and other sites essential to supporting birds throughout their migrations, and it also includes many clips of bird behavior filmed by talented photographers who share their joy of birds through the Audubons Photography Awards Every moment is a reminder of the astonishing diversity of bird life and the imperative to act to protect it.

The Birdsong Project was produced by Randall Poster, the Grammy Award-winning producer and music supervisor known for his longtime work with Wes Anderson and Martin Scorsese. It was conceived and inspired by executive producer Rebecca Reagan, who brought great creative vision and wisdom to the project. Other executive producers are Elliot Bergman, Stewart Lerman and Lee Ranaldo.

Since the May release of Volume I, The Birdsong Project has been featured in The New York Times, The Guardian, New Yorker, CBC, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Stereogum, Apartment Therapy, Cool Hunting, WNYC, Uproxx, Brooklyn Vegan and more. Again.

The final volume of The Birdsong Project (Volume V) will be released in September. The complete collection is also available in a deluxe limited-edition 20-LP box set, which includes a 60-page book featuring an essay by musician-ornithologist Jonathan Meiburg of Shearwater and a set replete with bird paintings and illustrations by well-known artists. .

The project’s extensive collection of 242 recordings represents a remarkable assemblage of diverse talent from across the creative community to support an important cause, including GRAMMY, Oscar, Emmy, Pulitzer, Peabody and James Beard winners: Ad-Rock, Laurie Anderson, Animal Collective, Beck, Cassandra Jenkins, Dan Deacon, Daniel Lanois, Elvis Costello, Esperanza Spalding, Flaming Lips, Haden Triplets, Jeff Tweedy, Jim James, Julianna Barwick, Kamasi Washington, Karen O, Kurt Vile, Atlas Sound & L ‘Rain, Makaya McCraven, Hania Rani, Mark Ronson, Nick Cave, Stephin Merritt, Terry Riley, Tyondai Braxton, UNKLE, Yo-Yo Ma and many more. The majority of the recordings were made specifically for this project.

Recorded and given oral contributions to the project include a range of writers and actors, including Jonathan Franzen, Maggie Smith, Ocean Vuong, Alice Waters, Bette Midler, Florence Welch, Greta Gerwig, Jeff Goldblum, Jelani Cobb, Matthew McConaughey, Natasha Lyonne, Regina King, Robert Pattinson, Sean Penn, Tilda Swinton, Tim Blake Nelson, Bobby Cannavale, etc.

All proceeds from the Birdsong Project will be donated to the National Audubon Societythe oldest environmental society in the world dedicated to the conservation of birds and their habitats.

As part of a project partnership, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has mounted a multi-disciplinary exhibit and program series in collaboration with the exhibit’s creative director and Birdsong Project producer Randall Poster, which runs until the 23 october. It includes an outdoor display of birdhouses created by international artists and inspired by The Resident Birds of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden as well as recordings from the Birdsong Project.

To help foster an awareness and love of birds among future generations, The Birdsong Project has also partnered with eyewear brand Warby Parker to donate 20,000 limited-edition “Birdoculars” to numerous institutions. cultures that support the conservation of the natural world and its avian inhabitants.

Other gala and educational events will take place with the American Museum of Natural History in New York (in conjunction with the reopening of the Hall of Oceanic Birds in 2023).




1. Not Yet – Written by Jane Hirshfield. Read by Victoria Legrand

2. Monteverde September 08 – Performed by The Album Leaf

3. Birdsong Call – Performed by Nick Zinner

4. Rare Birds – Performed by Andrew Bird

5. Bobcats, Beetles, Owls – Written by Jane Hirshfield. Read by Jane Alexander


1. Diary – Performed by Juliette Commagere

2. Cuckoo – Performed by Sam Amidon

3. Sorrow Is Not My Name – Written by Ross Gay. Narrated by Suzan-Lori Parks

4. County Route 41 – Performed by Cassandra Jenkins

5. Birdsong – Performed by Steve Gunn



1. Bye Bye Birdy – Performed by Mark Mothersbaugh

2. Butyrka’s Sparrows – Written by Irena Ratushinskaya. Read by George Saunders

3. Alula – Performed by GEORGIA

4. Mourning Dove in Buoyancy – Performed by Haley Fohr feat. Rob Frie

5. The Ayaymama Bird – Performed by Elvis Perkins

6. Boy With a Headset – Written and read by Edward Hirsch


1. Wild birds in an imaginary canoga park with lakes and trees instead of streets and buildings – Performed by Carlos Niño and Nate Mercereau feat. Kamasi Washington

2. Intone – Performed by Midori Hirano

3. In Wiry Winter – Written by James Schuyler. Narrated by Graydon Carter

4. Avi Sinistra – Portrayed by ROB

5. Central Park – Performed by Doug Wieselman

6. Birdy – Performed by Daniel Blumberg & Billy Steiger

7. BIRDSLAND – Performed by Arturo O’Farrill

8. Until May – Written by WS Merwin. Read by Cazzie David



1. Aure, Deh, Per Piertà – Performed by Anthony Roth Costanzo

2. Hope Is a Thing with Feathers – Performed by Angela McCluskey & The Cantelon Ensemble

3. Coming Soon – Written by Philip Larkin. Read by Sam Mendes

4. Many Worlds – Portrayed by Robert Ames

5. I put on my fur coat – Written by Jane Wong. Read by Sofia Subercaseaux

6. Planeaciones – Performed by Angélica Negrón


1. Wingspan – Performed by Briana Marela

2. Poems – Written by Ruth Stone. Read by Edwina von Gal

3. Jacob Riis – Stuart Bogie and Domenica Fossati. Performed by Domenica Fossati

4. Beak Used – Performed by Craig Wedren

5. ‘The Sweet Spring Is Yours – Written by EE Cummings. Narrated by John Lithgow

6. Pettirosso – Daniele Luppi. Performed by Giacomo Bianchi



1. Voice & Birds – Performed by Anton Pearson (Squid)

2. Lies About Sea Creatures – Written by Ada Limón. Narrated by Olivia Wilde

3. Cranston’s Owl – Performed by Julian Lage & Bill Frisell

4. Tangara Time – Performed by Mac McCaughan

5. Montezuma Oropendola – Portrayed by Chris Watson

6. Around the World – Written by Brigid Lowry. Read by Toni Collette


1. Tweetstorm – Performed by Chilly Gonzales

2. Abide – Written by Jake Adam York. Read by Jarvis Cocker

3. Keep Me Warm (Crèche) – Performed by Julia Holter

4. Migration – Performed by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

5. Kria – Performed by Jana Winderen

6. The Wild Geese – Written by Wendell Berry. Read by Michael Pollan


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