Flashback Friday: When Madhuri Dixit revealed what inspired her to make her first single “Candle”


Today is the day we can finally see the great Madhuri Dixit in her highly anticipated Netflix web series The fame game. Directed by Bijoy Nambiar and Karishma Kohli, The Fame Game will also feature Manav Kaul, Sanjay Kapoor, Lakshvir Saran, Suhasini Muley and Muskkaan Jaferi in key roles. After making a successful comeback with Hindi films, Marathi films and dance reality shows, Madhuri is ready for her digital debut. While Madhuri has proven time and time again that she can do it all – as a successful actress, producer and dancer – she took it to another level when she ventured into music with her 2020 single “Candle.” Today we stumbled across one of Pinkvilla’s exclusives where she revealed the inspiration behind her song.

In the song, madhuri urges people to hold on hoping for better days. In a chat with Pinkvilla, when we asked her what inspired her to sing, she revealed that it all started in Los Angeles. She said there was a person called Sat Bisla, who ran A&R Network who featured artists like Coldplay, Adele and he heard her song and suggested she record something.

madhuri continued and said that they formed a band and thought about what they should do a song about. She then added: “So I suggested that everyone has faced a situation in life where they feel the difficulties are too great and they are looking for hope to recover, have to discover the flame within and fight it.” Madhuri said they decided to create a theme song because it was a relatable emotion. She added that they created Candle because she felt it was a symbol of hope.

“I felt it was the best time to post it considering everyone is looking for hope in this pandemic situation,” she said.

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