Enriched Digital Experience Cloud empowers executives with insights for strategic IT decision-making


Lakeside Software, the leader in digital experience management (DEM), today announced the launch of its Executive Insights feature, among other enhancements to its Digital Experience Cloud. Executive Insights aggregates and distills end-user data from across the IT estate into a “single-pane” view, enabling more informed decision-making at a strategic level.

The latest enhancements to Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud help executives and IT managers focus on employee-centric IT as a critical component of organizational health and productivity. With the disruption caused by an increasingly dispersed workforce, IT is challenged to deliver better digital experiences to employees, regardless of location, environment or device.

With Executive Insights and its interactive dashboards, executives can quickly see the “state of the state” across multiple business and IT dimensions. Executive Insights allows:

  • Complete visibility across the entire IT estate, including overall performance.
  • Better understanding of digital employee experience (DEX), including productivity.
  • Better tracking of financial benefits related to technology investment and optimization.
  • Better identification of IT and organizational risks related to technological debt.

With increased visibility into IT assets, leaders can accelerate and de-risk digital transformation efforts, ensure IT investments meet business needs, and more effectively manage performance across people. With a more complete understanding of the digital employee experience, leaders can invest in areas that will improve productivity and reduce employee downtime. With greater awareness of the potential for operational efficiencies through technology investments, executives can better prioritize IT investments. Finally, identifying technology debt can provide valuable information to IT managers to reduce exposure to cybersecurity risks.

“IT managers now have greater visibility into how IT service delivery and allocated technology resources directly influence IT asset performance and its impact on employee productivity across the enterprise,” said Marc Moesse, senior vice president of products at Lakeside Software. “It gives technology leaders a comprehensive way to track the value that the IT organization brings to the overall business and bottom line.”

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Executive Insights offers historical and real-time analysis of the entire IT estate. It’s backed by Lakeside’s industry-leading data collection, which includes over 10,000 metrics securely collected every 15 seconds at the edge and over 1,300 sensors across all enterprise endpoints. Executive Insights helps IT managers analyze this data and communicate business value by generating insights in four key areas:

  • Health Score: A score that helps management understand where things stand with the user experience, its distribution across the organization, and where priorities should be focused for improvements.
  • Productivity tracking: Correlations between IT asset health and performance and employee productivity, and their influence on business results.
  • Community benchmarks: performance comparisons with other companies in the same market segment or geographical area.
  • Persona Management: Health and productivity segmented into key groups based on work styles, technology needs, and behavioral similarities.

Version 10.2 comes with several other notable improvements. The new web application analytics feature enables service desk administrators to gain critical insights into web application performance. As web applications are critical to the success of hybrid-style work, IT teams have an increased need to quickly identify and resolve issues. With Lakeside’s Digital Experience Cloud, administrators can measure metrics such as click render times, latency, average processing speed, and web application errors. This data reveals the health status of web applications and potential issues to address, such as contributions to the negative digital experience from home network latency versus issues with the applications themselves.

Lakeside is also unveiling an Action Builder, an all-new user interface that helps customers set up custom automations for remote incident resolution or information gathering. The Action Builder reduces the time and expertise needed to create large-scale automations, helping businesses strengthen their proactive IT strategies.

Additional features in version 10.2 include improved ServiceNow integration as well as a range of user experience and sensor changes for improved usability and visualization.

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