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The Master Builders Association of Western Australia (MBA WA) recognizes the importance of technological growth in the building and construction industry.

We strive to improve our online platforms for the benefit of our members, potential members and their customers.

Implementing new technologies in our industry is critical as the COVID-19 pandemic is now entering the WA community and more and more people are choosing to work remotely.

MBA WA is launching an exciting new product to help builders and customers manage their contracting process more efficiently and transparently.

eDocs with DocuSign has been built on the latest technology stack, which means it works efficiently with all common web browsers, it will offer a suite of Master Builders contracts and supporting documents in the residential and commercial sectors.

In today’s climate, people are looking for new ways to perform their daily activities without contact. eDocs offers the ability to work remotely and avoid face-to-face contact. Contracts are also digitally protected to ensure that users do not have to worry about security and privacy issues.

eDocs was created with electronic signature through DocuSign, real-time editing, smart calculations, and most importantly, automatic backup to ensure that when your computer crashes, your contracts won’t. You also only have one charge for multiple copies of your contract after purchase, and this allows the builder to attach the addendum and drawings to the contract, saving a huge amount of time for the builder and the client. .

As a not-for-profit organization, the eDocs initiative aligns with our goal of helping medium to small builders with their contract development and management.

We realize that the building and construction industry is lagging behind in technological development – eDocs will integrate technology and move the industry in the right direction.

Builders will be able to access the system through their own individual login and, if eligible, can request access for themselves and others in their business.

The online contracting system will save time and money and will demonstrate the benefits that digital technology can provide.

This MBA WA initiative is an essential upper platform to protect businesses and provide increased support and value to its members.

We are offering MBA WA members a $50 credit as an introductory introductory offer, ending June 1, 2022. Non-members can also access the eDocs offer by becoming a member.

Not a member? Speak to our membership team on 9476 9800, visit www.mbawa.com or email membership@mbawa.com to start using eDocs and receive the latest industry updates.

Q&A with Jason Robertson, Director of MBA Housing and Construction

The question

I am in the process of building my house and was notified of the initial deposit by my builder. A friend I spoke to thought I didn’t have to pay the deposit until a bit later in the process – after council approval had been granted.

Can you offer advice?

The answer

Contracts are often quite complex and vary depending on the type of project undertaken, for example residential or commercial.

For residential contracts, generally, the first payment provided for in the contract is a deposit and will be limited to the initial costs of the builder.

The House Construction Contracts Act of 1991 regulates the payment of deposits and installments for house construction contracts valued between $7,500 and $500,000.

Under the House Building Contracts Act 1991, the builder cannot request more than 6.5% of the contract price as a deposit for building contracts worth between $7,500 and $500,000.

This means that deposits are limited to 6.5% of the total amount payable. It is important to note that this deposit (first payment) is limited to the initial and initial costs of the builder. For example, a builder may include monies paid for the plan preparation agreement as part of the down payment for a contract for residential construction works.

One thing to mention is that the construction contract will usually include a payment schedule. The schedule indicates the amount of construction work to be completed before the next installment or progress payment is due.

It is always advisable to check that the arrangements for the release of all installment payments are accepted by your financial lender.

The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety has a very useful publication to help understand the Home Construction Contracts Act.

Visit www.commerce.wa.gov.au.

CONTACT WA Master Builders, 9476 9800, www.mbawa.com


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