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From left to right: Jacintha Gammampila, Bestweb.lk Coordinator, Director, CEO and Domain Registrar Prof. Gihan Dias, Vice President of Digital Strategy at DFCC Bank Dinesh Jebamani, Oshane Soysa, Head of Digital Banking at DFCC Bank and Amisha Danansuriya, Banking Assistant at DFCC Bank.

The innovative and carefully designed website of Sri Lanka’s Bank for All, DFCC Bank, has been awarded three silver awards at the BestWeb.lk Awards, organized and hosted by LK Domain Registry every year since 2009.

DFCC Bank received Silver Awards for Best Banking Website (Gold Unawarded) in the Banking & Finance category and Best Sinhala Website (Overall) and Best Tamil Website (Overall), across all categories.
In line with DFCC Bank’s vision to be the most customer-centric and digital bank in the future, the bank’s website has become one of the best websites in Sri Lanka in terms of customer service , customer experience and ease of use. by taking a focused, structured and agile mobile-first approach to design and layout, while delivering some of the fastest load times, resulting in a fast user experience. This clean and simple architecture, along with easy, often one-click navigation, and a sense of professionalism made the DFCC Bank website stand out among the crowd. To ensure accurate, up-to-date and relevant information in each user’s language of choice, the bank independently maintains the Sinhalese, Tamil and English versions of the website.

The awards recognized the DFCC Bank website as a comprehensive, state-of-the-art, user-friendly website that provides services and solutions beyond a simple banking website. The awards also reflect the considerable efforts made by DFCC Bank over the past year to improve its website in line with the bank’s sustainability roadmap, evolving the platform into a semi- Virtual. DFCC Bank was also honored at the BestWeb.LK Awards in 2020, receiving Most Popular Website Award, Bronze Award for Best Tamil Website and Merit Awards for Best Sinhalese Website and Best Website banking, in 2021. The bank also intends to make submissions for the 2022 edition of the BestWeb.LK Awards, which should open for nominations soon.

Discussing the awards and the website development initiative, DFCC Bank VP of Digital Strategy Dinesh Jebamani said, “We are extremely happy to have been recognized at the BestWeb.LK Awards 2021. Our corporate website is a first point of contact for most of our customers and the public seeking information about our portfolio of banking and financial products and services. Understanding this, we designed it as a platform that speaks to customers across generational boundaries with a mobile-first approach. We’ve even taken the site’s accessibility into consideration for visually impaired users, ensuring accessibility from any device, in accordance with the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Our website is also trilingual and available in all three languages, ensuring inclusive accessibility for all Sri Lankans. Additionally, we have also compiled Google’s vital 2021 core web update.”


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