Decentralized domain registry goes live


EDNS Decentralized Domain recently announced that it will go live with its decentralized domain naming platform on April 12th. The platform, the first of its kind built on the Polygon blockchain, aims to break down internet domain boundaries with on-chain decentralized domain technology, representing an important step towards upgrading user experience in the new era. of Web3.0.

To encourage global participation in the evolution to Web3.0, EDNS is announcing that it is giving away 700,000 .meta domains to .eth domain owners at no service charge for the first year. The project is also launching an ambassador program and an NFT reseller membership program.

The announcement comes as investors snap up decentralized domains built on Ethereum-blockchain Name Service addresses, a trend reminiscent of acquiring .com names in the Web1.0 era.

EDNS, short for Ether Domain Name Services, simplifies the crypto and decentralized finance space by allowing users to create simple nicknames for all their public addresses and decentralized websites. In a breakthrough among existing decentralized domain platforms, EDNS would also provide a direct connection to decentralized storage, decentralized web hosting, web builder, and decentralized SMS messaging and verification services – features that would significantly improve the web security and privacy protection. With EDNS domains, users could manage smart contracts and realize their vision of a truly decentralized future, free from the control of IP administrators.

“Over the past year, our team has worked tirelessly to develop the underlying technology to help users prepare for the transition to Metaverse and Web3.0,” said Joey Lam, co-founder and CEO of EDNS. “The official launch of the EDNS domain platform is just the beginning. Going forward, we will continue to focus on building additional applications that will help bridge the gap between where we are now and our vision for the future. ‘a truly decentralized Internet.’


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