CssFounder believes in selfless service to the poor and needy


Inspirational young entrepreneur Imaran Khan from Noida runs a company CSS Founder PVT LTD, working with the mission of “Website for Everyone” to deliver profitable websites that fit everyone’s budget, regardless of company size.

Having carved out a niche in the web development space for three years and growing, Imaran Khan said, “A website is a reflection of a business that has been at the forefront. Imaran has been helping the less privileged to overcome difficult times since the beginning of the organization. Imaran has been defending the cause through his CSR initiative “Free Food for Needy Children” since 2016.

He worked tirelessly for this cause and pushed the boundaries even spending days living with people in the slums or the roads of Delhi-RCN. What stands out as a noble commitment is that he runs these programs continuously every week.

The team sets out every weekend to sow joy and happiness for the less privileged. Imaran believes that if each of us is fortunate enough to take responsibility for providing food for certain children, then there will likely be a time when no child in the country goes hungry to sleep.

During the pandemic, it turned out to be a problem for each of the residents to get their proportions; and the majority of stocks were purged. Imaran realized this and decided to switch from food supply to proportional supply, because proportional supply will help to adapt to a longer period and many people support proportional supply.

He was able to help over 1000 individuals by giving them proportion. The vision of this organization is to help people deprived of the benefits of the organization. As there are so many poor people in this country who need support, we need their help to get what they need. Imaran uses his organization to be the stepping stone for individuals.

It is undeniably true that Corona has exacerbated the problems of millions of impoverished individuals in the country. Both metropolitan and urban communities have a huge migrant population who come from small urban communities in search of jobs as paid laborers. With the lockdown came the conclusion of all day-to-day wage labor prospects, and these transient workers are either abandoned in these urban communities or had to return to their cities in brutal conditions.

Imaran Khan and his group helped the migrants during the lockdown and his whole family also contributed to the cause.

Imaran has been a strong advocate for the poor, and he, along with his family, has served nobility for many years now. In 2014 he founded his own company CssFounder.com initially as a sole proprietorship, which in 2016 was converted into a limited liability company.

CSS Founder is now a successful start-up that promises to be number one in many cities across the country when it comes to web design. It now has a global presence around the world with clients in Dubai, Stockholm, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Riyadh, Columbia, Chicago, Norway, Toronto, Denver, Boise, Atlanta, Tokyo, etc. The founder of CSS has a good portfolio of clients and prides himself on being one of the acclaimed Delhi web design companies around the world. Countless organizations have benefited from partnering with CSS Founder for their technology needs.

In order for us to progress as humanity, we must all make our small contributions. No contribution is small, and even a single meal to a needy person is one step ahead. We should all make sure that no one in India sleeps on an empty stomach. CssFounder.com has been a companion for those in need, not only during the coronavirus crisis, but also during all the adversities the poor face every day. Imaran and his team have distributed blankets and food rations during the winter season to those who are forced to sleep on the road.

Currently in Dubai, CSS Founder LLC A web design company in Dubai has recruited an organization named CSS Founder Web Design LLC. The newly established organization is getting an incredible response from Google and its online presence.

However, this could not have been conceivable without the group of specialists Promotedial.com who have worked tirelessly in recent years. From the day of the foundation, they receive huge requests for commercial information which allows them to work all the more efficiently. CSS Founder LLC is listed in Google’s Top Ten Indexed Lists in every UAE emirate, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, Ras-Al-Khaimah, and a few other Gulf countries.

With an expressed goal of “Site for Everyone”, CSS Founder LLC is focused on helping organizations achieve web presence through web architecture capability. They get good reactions in an exceptionally short time thanks to the Promotedial group because of Kabeer, Arman, Shakir and Prince.

Imaran Khan believes that every organization has a social responsibility and that every small and large business in India should invest in social work. We can all make a difference in society by allocating 10% of the marketing budget to serving people and rightly promoting it to encourage others.

“I had a great experience in this job, and I ask all traders in India to take the first step towards this change. We can all together make a difference in society. I have been fortunate to help people, and you can also get inner joy by helping. When we help someone, a positive message goes out of this nature, ”he says.

Imaran says we should all lead determined lives of hard work and compassion. As an organization, we have succeeded because of our hard work and the good wishes of the people we have helped along the way. I am deeply indebted and grateful to Shahnaz Begum, Chandni Khan, Aashiya, Kabeer Khan, Salman Aarav, Vian, Lala Saurabh, Sujit Yadav, Rashid Khan, Santosh Kumar Rajendra, Majid Siddiqui and our most favorite man Iqbal Khan (AquaProDubai). They all played an important role in this initiative. This team has been working with us since day one. My team is multitasking. They help in our campaign from the bottom of their hearts. I want to say a big thank you to all my team. It was impossible without these people. We are committed to providing free food to children in need for years to come.

“I urge everyone to stay safe and wish and pray for your good health,” he concludes.


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