Best websites to learn to type faster: ZType, KeyBr and TypeRacer


If you are looking for a career change or just want to get better at your job, typing is an in-demand skill. Job seekers need to hone their typing skills to stand out from other applicants. It’s easy with the right tools.

Your choice of keyboard can also make a big difference. Tap or click here for the best ways to upgrade your keyboard and mouse.

Keep reading to invest time in improving your typing skills. It will pay off in the long run. Not only will you look better on job applications, but your productivity will also skyrocket.

It is practice makes perfect

Of course, the way you invest your time carries risks. There are only so many hours in the day. You can’t afford to waste time researching different ways to type faster.

Luckily, the Komando team has you covered. We’ve searched the web for the best tips you can use to improve typing speed and accuracy. There are a few basic rules to follow:

You need to invest more time in finger placement if you are a beginner. Save this chart for quick reference later. This will help you catch any drifting fingers that come off your groove.

Now that the basics are out of the way, let’s get to the expert advice. If you already know how to type and want to improve your speed, scroll down. We’ve rounded up the best websites you can use to improve yourself.

Even better, you can practice typing faster for free. So put away your wallet and get ready to hit a storm!

1. ZType is one of the best websites to learn to type faster

Z-type is one of the most popular ways to improve typing speed. There’s a good reason: it gamifies what would otherwise be a chore. This fun typing game challenges you to improve both typing speed and precision.

Here’s how it works. First, you select your difficulty. Then you start controlling a ship. At the top of the screen, words fall slowly.

Your task is to type all the words before they hit your ship. Each time you type a word on the screen, press Walk in. Your ship will then fire laser beams at the word you typed.

You advance to the next level each time you type all the words correctly. Warning: you must type the words correctly to save your ship. There is no room for typos!

Do you think you can rise to the challenge? Try it now to improve your typing speed!

2. KeyBr is another free way to improve typing speed

If you want to increase your Words Per Minute (otherwise known as WPM) ratio, check out BrKey. Instead of being a general typing challenge, it’s much more targeted. KeyBR is designed to focus on your pain points.

This is because every typist has keys they struggle with. These are the letters that take us the longest to type. KeyBr focuses on your weak points. You are forced to master the movements necessary for a quick strike.

Its adaptive technology uses your typing stats to create your next lesson. So if you are looking for a personalized learning experience, this is the perfect site. Check it out to type more efficiently than ever:

3. TypeRacer is an entertaining learning tool

Here’s another fun way to speed up your typing skills. TypeRacer is like ZType in that it makes learning fun. However, unlike ZType, this game is competitive. You are not playing against a computer. Instead, you are competing with the whole world.

It challenges you to improve your WPM speed to get your name on the global leaderboard. This is the perfect free typing game for you if you are competitive.

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