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Online surveys are now structured not only to help market researchers or customer experience experts, but also HR departments. In today’s complex world, various factors impact employee satisfaction, motivation and morale at work. The best and fastest way to figure all this out is for HR to conduct employee surveys.

However, to conduct employee surveys, HR teams need to have the right tools with the right metrics while asking specific questions at the right time. 360 Feedback surveys are one of the primary tools that can support both business and individual goals.

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What is 360 survey software like SurveyLab?

SurveyLab’s online surveys will provide HR teams with the end-to-end solution for 360 Feedback surveys. This includes custom survey design, automated data collection, and report generation. You can add up to 6 different perspectives which include self-assessment, manager, peers, subordinates, customer and suppliers. You can also decide which perspectives will be included, so with the same tool you can do 90, 180, 270, 360, or 540 feedback surveys.


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SurveyLab makes it very easy for respondents to complete surveys. Each person receives a single invitation with a link to a mini-panel that provides easy access and status of all ratings and surveys. This approach simplifies the data collection process because employees can complete surveys when it is most convenient for them.


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The administrator (can be multiple people) has easy access to all data, including individual assessments and aggregated reports for the entire organization.

About SurveyLab

SurveyLab is a scalable online survey tool designed to support HR teams by creating surveys, forms, and tests. It is a real Swiss Army knife among survey tools that will allow you to conduct employee engagement surveys, employee satisfaction questionnaires, candidate experience, eNPS, impulse surveys, feedback surveys 360 and online tests.

The tool can automatically generate valuable reports and comments for HR and the rest of the organization.

A big advantage is that SurveyLab does not require any software installation. All you need is a web browser and a web application to create online surveys.

Main features of SurveyLab

With SurveyLab, HR teams can create and manage online surveys for employees to complete. HR departments can use the company’s online survey tool to administer any type of survey. At the same time, it supports every step of the survey process, from data collection to report generation.

Additionally, SurveyLab has a handful of features that make collecting 360 Feedback easy and efficient for both HR managers and employees.

  • Multilingual support. Create surveys in any language. The system automatically detects the respondent’s language settings to match and display the best survey version available.

  • Flexible survey generator. Design a survey or use the survey templates provided.

  • Dedicated evaluation reports. Individual reports with strong and weak sides are generated for each person assessed.

  • Mini-panel. Employees do not need to log in to complete a survey. All assessment requests are available on a single page with status.

  • Data export. View reports online or download results in PDF, Excel, CSV or PowerPoint format.

  • Security system. The data that HR produces and the activities they work on in the web application are protected.

  • Mobile assistance. Take online surveys and share them from device to device, including via mobile phone using an optional QR code.

  • Customer service. Questions, technical issues and other grievances can be referred to customer support for detailed assistance.

SurveyLab is proud to create online surveys to help businesses achieve their goals through effective team performance. Additionally, SurveyLab’s competitive advantage comes from its 360 Feedback system which offers a flexible approach to survey design and automatic reports for assessors and HR managers.

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SurveyLab review: what is the best 360 survey tool?

SurveyLab provides an end-to-end solution for 360 Feedback surveys. The HR team can design online surveys of their choice using different scales and sets of questions. Then, they can send email or text invitations and set up automatic reminders for employees who have not yet completed the survey. The HR team can also preview data reports in real time and generate individual reports for each person assessed at the end of the process.


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Find out what others have to say about SurveyLab and why it’s rated as one of the best online survey tools for businesses, according to reviews from many trusted sites.

  • “Great kit, great alternative to Surveymonkey.”

  • “Super fast and efficient support (technical & commercial).”

  • “Great solution and great customer service.”

  • “Awesome without a doubt.”

  • “Excellent value for money thanks to ease of use and ease of multilingual configuration / translation. “

Why SurveyLab is the ideal 360 survey tool

SurveyLab enables HR teams to create and design online surveys to gain employee feedback and empower them. The 360 ​​Feedback feature makes the whole process quick and easy to implement. This way, you can spend less time on administrative tasks and more on information and development. A big advantage is that the software can be used for other purposes as well, including employee engagement, employee satisfaction, candidate experience, eNPS, impulse surveys, exit interviews, online tests, etc.

Businesses of all kinds and other organizations use SurveyLab as a way to empower their teams and organizations. With 360 Feedback, they can expand the self-awareness of employees and leaders, reinforce important messages, and increase the likelihood of change. There is a proven correlation between engaged teams and the business results of the company.

Subscribe to the services offered by SurveyLab and access SurveyLab’s simple pricing plans to see which premium meets your needs. From there, SurveyLab will work its magic on businesses and organizations that want to improve their corporate culture to meet their goals.

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