Are you planning a storage room? Here are the best places to trade and sell clothes online



You might have received some gorgeous new clothes this Christmas, which can be a good time to clean up some of the things you don’t wear anymore. And while you could most certainly bring coins to your local charity store, if you have some good quality coins, you might like to grab some cash (the holiday season is expensive), then there are some good options out there.

There are several sites and apps that make it easy to get something in exchange for your old clothes, and the good news is, they’ll go to someone who’s happy to grab a stylish bargain.


Fashion retailer Zalando allows you to exchange clothes for a credit to spend on the spot. The clothes go through quality checks, but they accept many brands, including some that they don’t usually stock.

They will tell you the value of your items, you will mail them free of charge and each item will be checked upon receipt. You will then receive your gift card code or donation confirmation for the items accepted.


trade and sell clothes online

If you just want to swap your clothes for something cool, try nuw., An app that lets you swap items with other people.

You get credit for each item you download, which you can then use to choose other items. You just pay $ 0.99 for each exchange, plus shipping. You can also temporarily borrow an item and the in-app messaging makes it easier to organize your exchanges.

Style exchange

Although not yet available in Ireland, this UK site intends to launch here soon, so keep an eye on their social media. The idea behind it is that unlike other used clothing sites where you have to browse thousands of results, the site only offers high quality items and you can customize your search very precisely.

Sellers are also encouraged to post high-quality photos of the items shown on real people, which is a better way to showcase them than just hanging them on the back of a cabinet. Learn more about StyleSwap here.


One of the most popular places to sell clothes online, this app is a great way to reach a large audience. The app takes 10 percent of all sales, and you are responsible for posting the item to the buyer yourself.

To give an item the best chance of selling, give a detailed description, including any flaws, and include lots of good photos. If someone can’t tell what an item of clothing will look like when they wear it, they’re unlikely to buy.


The internet’s original second-hand platform, you might not think of clothing when you think of eBay, but it’s a great place to find hidden gems, especially vintage pieces. Again, as detailed a description as possible is helpful here, as people are likely to find your item by searching for keywords like brands and materials.

The fees for selling on eBay vary, but are typically around 11% of the total selling price.



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