Amazon sale: 7 computer accessories that will make working from home a lot easier


Working from home has become a perpetual practice for many organizations and it works very well for them. Working from home can require a lot of equipment to keep you productive and focused on your task. You’ll need everything from monitors and keyboards to webcams and microphones to tackle tasks and stay in touch with bosses and colleagues via video calls and virtual meetings. If you still work from home, these computer accessories available for sale on Amazon will make your home office much more efficient.

7 computer accessories available on the Amazon sale:

Here we have a list of 7 computer accessories that will enhance your entire working from home experience.

1. Lapcare Webcam for Desktop and Laptop

Video calling and meetings are one of the most important aspects of working from home, and you’ll need a webcam that can meet your needs. This web camera comes with high resolution video calling with support for video quality up to 1280×720 pixels as well as the latest version of skype, video chat and high quality video experience for the user. The webcam has a built-in high-quality isolated microphone that helps prevent unnecessary noise during video chats and when recording HD videos, as well as an automatic low-light correction function for a low light environment.

Price: Rs.2749

Bargain: Rs.839

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2. Noise canceling headphones

If you love listening to music or just need noise canceling headphones so you can enjoy your work meetings at home in peace, these headphones are just what you need. It filters out background noise to ensure crystal-clear calls and a massive 40-hour battery life on a single charge. It has high resolution and deep bass. It’s water and sweat resistant and offers easy access to music and call controls.


Price: Rs.3999

Bargain: Rs.1299

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3. RiaTech 2-in-1 Screen Cleaning Kit

This unique solution easily removes stubborn dirt, dust and fingerprints. The kit includes soft, reusable microfiber wipes that will clean your computer without scratching sensitive parts. The cleaning cloth is made from super soft, lint-free, premium microfiber and easily absorbs dirt, oil, grease and dirt particles.


Price: 999 rupees

Deal: Rs.389

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4. Redragon Gaming Keyboard

Enhance your gaming experience with this super cool gaming keyboard. It has 6 built-in macro keys (G1-G6) that are programmable and work on the fly without any additional software. The keys are easy to modify and can run a variety of different macros. Fully dynamic RGB backlighting allows countless possibilities limited only to your imagination. The keyboard comes with 7 preset lighting modes and 6 additional slots for customizable modes. Featuring anti-ghosting keys that allow 26 keys to operate simultaneously for fast and accurate gaming responses. Dedicated media controls allow you to play, pause and skip media.


Price: Rs.2590

Deal: Rs.1999

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5. EGate LED Projector

Connect this LED projector to your computer and enjoy your videos or movies on a much bigger screen with higher resolution between your work breaks and your days off. This compact and portable projector will allow you to enjoy the movie theater experience and avoid splurging on tickets and popcorn! It supports 1080p and can be connected to your laptop, phone or hard drive.


Price: Rs.12990

Deal: Rs.8990

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6. Scarters Mousepads

This bestselling “work from home” desk mat creates an ambient surface on your desk. It is easy to clean, easy to sanitize and can be moved from table to table. It allows for quick mouse movement and also keeps keyboard, coffee, stationery and your devices in place. Reverse it for more inspiration. Made with durable, tough and long-lasting material, the textured surface of this mouse pad prevents office accessories from sliding off the desk and allows for smooth mouse movement.


Price: Rs.1995

Bargain: Rs.899

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7. Zebronics Computer Speaker

This speaker has a versatile design that can be used in 2 ways, either as a horizontal soundbar unit or as a vertical 2.0 speaker setup that not only makes the design very efficient but also hassle-free. Connect the USB side to your laptop or via adapter to any power source and 3.5mm pin to music source. To detach the speaker simply slide the product which will give 2 satellite speakers.


Price: Rs.1499

Deal: Rs.699

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Deciding what you need for your home office can be a bit daunting. With our top picks for the best and most essential computer accessories and peripherals available on the Amazon sale, you’ll be up and running in no time. So grab these accessories at incredible prices before it’s too late!

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