A bunch of WordPress sites were injected with malicious JavaScript


Is WordPress a Good Website Builder?

With this type of hack, it’s safe to ask if WordPress is worth all the security hassles. After all, the last thing you want for your site visitors is an unwanted trip down the path of malicious links, right?

Well, the value of WordPress as a website builder is pretty specific to your needs. It offers an easy-to-use platform with plenty of plugins and themes (which, as we mentioned, is part of the security issue), and it provides a wide range of useful blogging features and useful, which makes it a go-to option for many content creators.

However, if you’re a business looking to showcase your work, sell products online, or interact with your customers in a way that isn’t a blog, there are plenty of better options out there. Our research revealed that Wix is ​​your best bet when it comes to website building, with Squarespace and Shopify being strong second choices depending on your business.

Also, if you want to continue using WordPress, locking down some online security tools might be a good idea. Antivirus software should help you keep malicious actors at bay, as it will alert you to cases of scams and hacks as soon as possible.


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