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Are you designing your own streaming app and not sure what features to include?

Scroll down to learn more about the most critical features of a streaming app. This guide will inform you about the must-have, advanced and out-of-the-box features for a streaming app.

1. Attractive UX/UI design

The internet has no shortage of streaming apps. Moreover, when you enter the streaming app industry, you must realize that your competition is with the giants like YouTube and Twitch. And the one thing that can make the difference between you and other newbies is the design of your streaming app.

Attractive UX/UI design seems simpler, but in reality, even giants are reaching perfection in design and simplicity.

So start by hiring design experts. Someone who can streamline the coolest look while keeping the platform simple.


What color and elements represent your streaming app idea? Users choose alternatives for distinct features. Moreover, you cannot just imitate YouTube and create a new app under a different name and think that the app will gain popularity among users. You need to think of something different that will appeal to users and compel them to use your streaming app. You can think of new ideas like allowing users to control the app through their Firestick remote app, etc.


Statista reports that up to 70% of users leave a website if they don’t find it intuitive and user-friendly. 99% never use the site again, while 13% tell at least 15 people about their bad experiences. So, aim for intuitiveness and create your streaming app that will impress users.

2. Basic Features of a Streaming App

A few things you can’t ignore on a streaming app. You should definitely try to include them, unless the idea behind your streaming app is different.

Social registration

Local listings are just an annoyance in the era where one-click listings have become the norm. So, integrate registrations via Facebook, Google and Apple accounts. This will make it easy for users to engage with the app and quickly attract an audience. Additionally, you should also have options to allow users to view content without local registration. For example, YouTube allows users to stream video content without any subscription commitment. And registrations are required when you want to comment, like or post your own content.

Ability to broadcast

One of the most critical features is the live streaming option. Yes, live streaming has become the most important trend of the 21st century. So be sure to incorporate features that allow users to host and stream in real time. You can take the example of YouTube or Twitch. But again, understand that your streaming app needs to have custom aspects – which will be the selling point of these features.

Reviews and comments

Needless to say, notification is a sure way to let users know and remind them about the app. For example, incorporate features that notify users whenever a new video is added to the app. Likewise, comments allow users to connect and build a community. So, the comment section is a must-have feature for users to share their thoughts and discuss the topics.

3. Original Content

Big players like Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos have occupied the TV and movie industry. So, the only way to stand firm on the internet is to bring original content that is compelling enough to draw audiences to your platform.

Administrative panel

Also, if you want to give users the ability to add content like YouTube, integrate a well-functioning recording studio that allows typical users to post professional-looking content. This panel should allow users to see analytics, i.e. how their video is performing, etc.


A way for users to easily find content on the platform.

Multilingual support

YouTube is available in over 80 languages. The same goes for Netflix, Facebook (Facebook Live) and other giants. Allowing users to access content in their regional language will give them a personalized experience.

4. Advanced Features of a Streaming App

advanced features are, more or less, mandatory features. However, the choice is left to the seller whether or not they want to add these features:

Recommendation engine

Users spend 70% of their time on recommendation videos on streaming apps like YouTube. So be sure to incorporate additional recommendations that can effectively recommend new videos to users based on their viewing history and experience on the platform.

5. Payment options

Is it an ad-based platform or a subscription-based model? Depending on the type, be sure to add multiple payment options if it’s a subscription-based model. Additionally, allow content creators to withdraw their earnings in their preferred payment methods like PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, etc.

6. User profiles

Allow users to create their profiles, save their favorite content, and include in-app storage to allow users to download and store videos to watch later. At the same time, if you want to create a type of social platform that allows users to get to know each other – for example, a combination of YouTube and Facebook – be sure to design fields that allow users to add their interests. . Additionally, include options for users to let their friends on the platform know about a video.

7. Private broadcast

A private streaming environment that allows users to interact and stream privately with friends, family and acquaintances, on or off the platform.


This article introduces you to the essential features of a streaming application. The rest of the features are up to you. And while these features make a streaming app, the unique features – the so-called out-of-the-box features make a streaming app stand out from the rest.

So apart from these, be sure to incorporate your ideas. Also, remember that a video streaming app doesn’t become popular just because it looks good and has tons of features. It’s the video content that will be the biggest selling point.

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