60+ Product Updates: Third Quarter Review


From new templates that make pitching easier to powerful integrations for visualizing your revenue data, we’ve been working hard this quarter! Since July, we’ve delivered 16 features and 53 enhancements to help teams of all sizes create and collaborate more effectively.

Here’s a look at some of the key updates we’ve shipped, how to participate in our upcoming betas, and what we’ll be working on throughout the year.

Create faster with new resources and editor enhancements

Helping teams deliver better presentations faster remains a priority for us. Over the past three months, we’ve delivered new templates, integrations, and usability improvements to spark your inspiration and add more flexibility in the way you present your work.

Choose from 18 new models

Making a successful presentation starts with finding the right inspiration. Our new templates are here to help you with key business topics, such as business plans, go-to-market strategies, communication plans and investor reports. (And of course, you’ll find a few new pitch deck templates to walk you through your business journey.)

With over 100 templates in our gallery, you’ll always find the perfect starting point for your next presentation. Check them out here.

Add personality to your slides with 3 new sticker packs

We’ve heard you love our stickers, but you need even more ways to express yourself. This quarter, we expanded our sticker library to showcase more artistic styles. Make your point, Make a plan, and Flashback to the office come up with fun ways to draw attention to your ideas, run workshops, etc.

You can expect even more stickers in the coming months. If you have a style in mind or know an artist we should collaborate with, Let us know!

Discover our latest integration

Who likes to play with formatting graphics? Not us. In August, We launched our data integration with ChartMogul, making it easier than ever to report on your recurring revenue metrics. Now, instead of painstakingly pasting data, you can create or update a chart with just a few clicks and seamlessly share the latest data with your team, investors, and other partners.

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We’ve also improved the graphics experience in Pitch by revamping the design controls, adding customizable color palettes to the editor, and making our number formatting more intuitive.

Quickly style and edit slides

Presentation styles are one of our most notable features, but for non-designers they can be a little intimidating! After extensive search for users, we have started rolling out updates to make styles more accessible to everyone. We started by renaming them to Slide Styles, so it was clear that they were applied on a slide-by-slide basis, and a presentation could contain multiple slide styles.

Along with that, we’ve redesigned the slide styles menu, making it easier to understand which styles are being used and to change the styles throughout your presentation.

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We’ve also added several usability improvements to the editor to help you create faster without resorting to workarounds. Now you can hyperlink to images, easily resize multiple blocks at once, and more.

Benefit from performance improvements in all our applications

Our product teams work tirelessly behind the scenes to save milliseconds with every interaction. This quarter, they collaborated with our performance team to make our desktop, web and mobile applications fast and responsive, no matter the size of your presentations.

Launching the app and navigating through presentations and folders is faster than ever, we’ve reduced video processing to five seconds, and we’ve reduced the average PDF export size by 95%. Plus, collaborative editing is smoother than ever, so you can see exactly what others are doing while editing a slide in real time.

Stay in sync with collaboration updates

Whether you’re back in the office or still living remotely, the need to collaborate effectively is more important than ever. Our latest updates are designed to help you take the pulse of what’s going on, work better with external stakeholders, and take your workflow with you.

Subscribe to presentations

Earlier this year, we shipped our Notification Center and rolled out our first in-app notifications. But we know there are times when you want to keep up with the conversations and move on, even when you aren’t explicitly mentioned. You can now subscribe to any presentation. Once registered, you will receive notifications when someone adds a comment or when the slides are marked as complete.

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Invite guests to comment on decks

Previously there were only two ways to work with people outside of your workspace. You can invite them to view your presentation and prevent them from editing or sharing comments, or you can invite them to edit the presentation and allow them to see everything that is going on behind the scenes. Both options worked, but lacked nuance.

At the end of July, we introduced an intermediate option for times when you want to get someone’s feedback or approval, but still want to put limits on what they can see and to modify. With reserved comments access, invitees can add comments, assign slides, and change slide status, but cannot edit content or invite other collaborators. It’s a great choice for getting customer feedback or inviting an executive to Pitch on a more limited basis. And remember, Pitch Pros: Guests are free, so you can invite as many people as you want to collaborate on presentations without impacting your monthly bill.

Collaborate from any device

Our iPhone and Android apps entered beta earlier this year, giving teams a convenient way to keep working. This quarter, we focused on making Pitch for mobile more collaborative. Now, in addition to reviewing and giving feedback on presentations, you can share presentations with guests and members and even invite new members to join your workspace.

As we get closer to launching our iPhone app, we’ve opened up beta access on both platforms. Download Pitch for mobile now.

Participate in the next betas

From the start, your feedback has been essential in refining the product experience and informing our roadmap. Now, as Pitch matures, we have several cool features that require hands-on exploration and commentary before we bring them to the world.

If you are the adventurous type, here is your chance to participate in our next betas.

Analyze views of public presentations

We all want to know when our work has been seen, right? With public views, you can see how many times a public link or embedded presentation has been viewed. If you create presentations, sales presentations, or marketing materials in Pitch, public views will provide new insight into your work.

Public views represent the next step towards advanced presentation analytics, which will be rolled out gradually over the coming months.

Tests are currently underway. If you are currently on Pitch Pro, then contact us to join the beta.

Embed any link on a slide

We think of presentations as living documents – they should be as dynamic and interactive as any other way of collaborating and sharing ideas. So far, our integrations have supported video services like YouTube, Vimeo, and Loom. But many of you want to integrate prototypes, forms, social media posts, etc.

In this experimental beta, you will be able to embed more types of content on your slides. We’re looking for teams who are willing to get their hands dirty, report bugs, and share their feedback with our product teams. If it is you, so sign up – testing starts in a few weeks!

Post your big ideas on Pitch

In June, we launched our first creator profiles and teased the future of publishing on Pitch. We have worked to integrate our early creators, but we are always on the lookout for other storytellers. We are particularly interested in presentations covering topics relevant to growing teams, such as fundraising, hiring, marketing, business development, and design.

What’s in it for you? In addition to securing your unique access to Pitch, you will have the opportunity to influence our posting experience. Apply to secure your creator profile now.

One year after launch: what’s next?

It’s been almost two years since we entered beta and one year since we launched Pitch to the world. To say it was an incredible experience would be an understatement. Your enthusiasm and willingness to share your comments – and your work – has been inspiring.

Throughout this journey we have sent updates almost every week: 101 outings this week! This regular cadence is the rhythm that drives us.

As we wrap up this year and look ahead, we remain committed to realizing our product vision. And a big part of achieving that goal is making sure Pitch continues to be intuitive, fast, and enjoyable. So, in addition to the beta programs we’ve mentioned, we’ll spend some time refining the basics of Pitch. That means:

  • Tackle technical improvements around the editor
  • Paving the way for much needed (and much anticipated) features like grouping blocks on a slide
  • Polished parts of the user interface to be clearer and more consistent

So follow, be part of the feature development journey, and connect with like-minded pros in our Slack community!


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