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There are many ways to find new websites and software to reduce the financial burden on students. Being a student involves spending a lot of time, hard work, and money on your schedule, and spending huge sums on software purchase costs is not advisable for students. Most sites that offer free software to students only require proof of identity and enrollment in the school or institution.

A barrage and a variety of software can be obtained from these sites, ranging from graphic design programs to word processor and software that can be used for data analysis.

The downside of buying from free sites is the lack of security of the websites, as the majority of them host a lot of viruses and malware obtained by downloading such free software.

They can be spotted as an additional file that downloads at the same time as the original file that one decides to obtain. A good antivirus should be installed before looking for a free application on the Internet to avoid this security hole.

Ways Students Can Get Free Software

The provision of various free software to students by their institutions as part of their fees is primarily done through resource centers. Still, most students don’t even bother to check or browse and often miss this great opportunity to get software for free.

Many advanced software covering different fields of study can be provided as part of the tuition fee, for example, photo editing and video editing software like Photoshop and Illustrator are provided to students applying for graphic design programs.

However, most students want to get their hands on additional application packages to facilitate their studies. and they would appreciate if they could get this software completely free.

What software can students get for free?

What software can students get for free?

Below are the most suitable websites that provide free software for students in their quest for programs to make schoolwork and study much easier.


Best Free Antivirus


  • Compatible with Apple, Android and Windows software
  • Works both on the whole computer system and on the browser scan with an easy to use user interface.

The inconvenients

  • Operations slow down during system scans
  • The free version contains many advertisements
  • Avast Antivirus automatically runs scans on the system to detect spyware, viruses, and malware that threaten the functioning of the computer. It also has a security system built into the browser to guard against such activities. It is often a good idea to run scans overnight because your computer’s work rate is drastically reduced during scans.


Great tool for editing images


  • Free software with image editing tools.
  • Plug-ins are available thanks to the large user community.

The inconvenients

  • The app is quite complicated and not so easy to use.
  • One must have a good knowledge of the appropriate sites to search for plug-ins.
  • GIMP is free software for students that is a good alternative to its expensive software counterpart, Adobe Photoshop. GIMP products are available on macOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • It is also compatible with a host of other free software, Inkscape. The dissuasive factor in acquiring this software is the long learning curve. Experienced Photoshop users still need to complete some level of training to use GIM software.


Most compatible image editing tool


  • It is compatible with PCs and mobile phones and devices.
  • According to his skills, there are two versions of the software; X and F.
  • There are many image editing tools that can be used by basic learners or people with advanced courses.

The inconvenients

  • Other premium software clearly differs from this free software
  • Large files become problematic when handled with stable internet.
  • Pixlr is one of the best image editing apps to acquire. Memories taken in college are believed to stand the test of time, and photos need that extra touch to amass all the views and tastes they deserve on social media. This free software provides dozens of image editing tools for students, such as filters, masks, and brushes. These tasks can also be performed automatically by editors who do not have the necessary experience.
  • Due to the difference in experience, Pixlr Editor ceased and Pixlr X and Pixlr E were introduced for basic and advanced users respectively.


Best choice for audio and video formatting


  • Its use is compatible with a very wide range of files
  • Regardless of whether it is a free program, it performs a wide range of actions.

The inconvenients

  • Users have to take a very long course before they master the art of using the software.
  • It is not compatible and therefore is not supported by mac Catalina operating system.
  • This free software for students has a user interface that looks basic but comes with a lot of free hidden tools. It takes a lot to master the different properties of this application but once mastered. It is the most suitable choice for editing audio files as well as video files.


A great substitute for Microsoft Office


  • Works with all types of Microsoft files.
  • Performs all actions of different Microsoft Office applications.

The inconvenients

  • There is a huge difference in the names of the operations performed compared to Microsoft Office, which can be confusing.
  • Microsoft Office is the most popular word processing application suite known in the world, but the cost of purchase becomes a huge issue. Other free word processors don’t have a lot of the functionality that Microsoft Office provides. LibreOffice is free software for students that provides all the properties of Microsoft Office and gives access to six programs; Writer, Calc, Draw, Math, Base and Impress, which are synonyms for Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, etc. in Microsoft Office.


Best Free Word Processing Software


  • Provides 1TB of cloud storage capacity
  • Provides access to familiar tools

The inconvenients

  • Only a handful of universities are accredited and have access to the free educational version.
  • Microsoft 365 has a free version for students who can’t afford the full version, and that version is called Microsoft 365 Education. All that is needed to register is the student’s email address, and once done, access is granted to a full version of the app.


Best Free 3D Graphic Design App


  • It contains many professional features.
  • Regular updates and bug fixes are made regularly.

The inconvenients

  • Mastering the software takes a lot of time and instruction, which means a lot for inexperienced users.
  • Students who enroll in courses in 3D model building, graphic design, or game and application design would benefit greatly from Blender. It is free software for students that provides many free editing tools. Programmers do well to constantly review the app and make further improvements to serve the community. With mastery of this software, complete film sequences can be produced using blender animation.


Best Free Online Storage App


  • It provides 2 GB of storage for free.
  • Users who don’t have a Dropbox account can access files.

The inconvenients

  • The memory space is very small and can be filled easily.
  • This free software for students offers cloud storage up to 2 GB, and this innovation reduces the stress of carrying an external hard drive or USB stick. You only need an email address to register and you are granted full access to enjoy all the features of this free software.


Most adequate website blocker application


  • The program is not easy to deactivate.
  • Users set timers and commands based on their goals

The inconvenients

  • In an emergency, you must restart the computer.
  • This software allows users to block certain websites from opening at certain times, and once active, it will not stop working except when you restart the PC. It reduces social media distractions and helps students focus and stay focused, especially during study times.


Best for comfort


  • Ensure adequate sleep habits for students

The inconvenients

  • F.lux does not disable certain image editing software
  • This free software for students reduces blue light to a calmer color and makes it easier for students to sleep. It does not work with media players so as not to reduce the picture quality of the movie.

Final thoughts

We have compiled a list of the best free software for students to facilitate their studies and save money for other purposes. Students should visit these sites, make good use of these free software, and enjoy all of their features and properties.

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